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The 2011 Empire gloves give you the option to play with all of your fingers covered or with two fingers professionally removed from the glove. Your choice of which 2011 Empire ZE Gloves are right for you and your style of play is completely personal.

If you choose the LTD series 2011 Empire ZE paintball gloves

Every once in a while, there is a breakthrough in technology and design that rocks the industry so hard, everyone feels it.  The battle between wearing full fingered gloves for protection and cutting off the fingers for feel is over.  No more gimmicks, gizmos or smoke and mirrors.  We invite everyone to try the revolutionary Empire™ Contact Gloves.  The in-house pros at Empire have developed a patent pending finger design that actually allows you to wear full finger glove and still be able to feel the sensitive micro switch triggers of today’s electronic guns.

Contact Fingers™ – For the first time, an actual glove design that works for anyone’s shooting fingers.  The patent pending, micro-membrane design hugs your index and middle trigger fingers so you can feel the sensitive micro-switches that fire today’s electronic markers. Developed so the backs of your fingers are still protected but you can rapidly pull the trigger and achieve the high rates of fire that top markers are capable of.

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