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ANSgear is pleased to introduce the Azodin Kaos Deluxe paintball gun to the growing semi-auto market.

The Azodin Kaos-D paintball gun has the latest blowback technology and makes this one of the smoothest and most accurate paintball guns on the market.

The ZeRO system is installed on the Azodin Kaos Deluxe which stands for Zero Recoil Operation. This takes away most of the kick of the gun and reduces the recoil signature. Now with the Azodin Kaos Deluxe, you can spend more time aiming and less time controlling the marker.
The Azodin Kaos-D Paintball Gun is currently available in Orange Flame and Black Caramel.

Features of the Azodin Kaos-D paintball gun:
- ZeRO System
- Feather Striker System
- Twist Lock II Feedneck
- 14 Inch One Piece Barrel
- Low Pressure Inline Regulator
- Azodin Kaos-D On/Off ASA
- Compatible with CO2 or HPA

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