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The BT paintball pants are a two year line which means they only update the style, design and patterns once every two years. BT Paintball pants are available in both a combat series as well as professional series.

Know that knees on paintball pants are very important and the first thing to start tearing on paintball pants. Both version of the BT Pants have very good quality reinforced knees to keep your knees protected as well as increase the durability and life of the pants.
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The Combat series BT Paintball pants are a mid level paintball pant and designed specifically for any type of woodsball, scenario or recball paintball. You will not find many of the BT pants at any tournament series.  If you are looking for a good pair of pants and dont want to overspend, consider the Combat series BT paintball pants.

The Combat BT pants have a very good quality set of reinforced knees which can take some pretty serious abuse from any paintball player. The Combat BT paintball pants are much ligher weight than the Pro BT Pants. This is a good option of you tend to play in hotter or more humid climates.  

The PRO BT paintball pants are top of the line and resemble a good pair of tournament paintball pants that have been modified to work better for scenario ball.
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