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Bob Long paintball guns were some of the first serious tournament level paintball guns to hit the field. As tournament paintball progressed through the early stages, all of the dominant paintball teams were winning with his Intimidator and Marq series paintball guns. Today, Bob Long markers have several different operation designs to choose from, including pump action.
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Bob Long Intimidator Series - The Bob Long Paintball guns that really changed paintball were the Intimidator Series. This successful stacked tube design made Bob Long paintball guns the most successful for that time. Over time, the Bob Long Intimidator guns went through many changes and re-designs. There are over 20 different series of Intimidators in the lineup of Bob Long paintball guns.

Bob Long Victory V-COM Series - The Bob Long Victory broke new ground with a high end inline poppet system. The Victory engine removed in one piece for maintenance and presented a low profile. The V-COM Series changed all that by giving players the option of switching between more gas-efficient inline poppet or smooth shooting spool valve in minutes, just by swapping engines.

Bob Long Insight Series - The Bob Long Insight paintball guns are the latest spool valve marker by BL. They shoot up to 30 paintballs per second and beyond as well as achieving the best gas efficiency possible for a spool valve design. Check out the Insight NG series for a small and quiet marker.

Bob Long MVP Pump Series - Bob Long returned to his roots by redesigning the classic Marq Victory into a pump marker! By relocating the regulator inside the grip, the Bob Long pump gun is a sleek design with no external hoses. The Bob Long pump marker operates at low pressure for an incredibly smooth and quiet shooting pump gun.