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We are proud to offer the full CP Barrel lineup for your choosing. The CP barrel has been in production for over 10 years and continues to lead the paintball market with both price, quality and selection. For your liking, we have the CP 1 Piece Barrel, CP 2 Piece Barrel and the CP Barrel kits in stock. The CP Barrels have some of the most affordable pricing in paintball and are built out of great quality 6061 aluminum. The CP Barrels are available in a variety of 17 color options, 10+ marker types, 4 barrel lengths and up to 5 barrel ID sizes. The options provided by CP will let you get the best barrel for your needs and will help you to be more competitive on the paintball field. The CP Barrels start at just under $30.00 and have a variety of prices for their different models.
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All Custom Products Barrel Kits
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