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  DYE NT11 Paintball Gun - Graphite/Gun Metal Grey

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The NEW 2011 Dye NT Paintball Gun has been released. Check out all of the new features for the NT11. You wont be disappointed!

Introducing the 2011 DYE NT, a revolutionary technology break through in air usage efficiency, accuracy performance and stylish design. The NT is not only the most air efficient and accurate paintball gun Dye has ever produced, it is also the lightest and most compact in its category. Continuing with Dyes famous patented spool valve design, the new NT Boost Bolt design is the ultimate refinement of next generation spool valve technology. After several years in development, the NT sets a new performance standard for all high-end paintball markers to aspire. Simply put, the best just got better.

The Boost Bolt system is supported by a redesigned circuit board with faster processing providing more accurate ROF control. Comfort and stability is assured with the second generation Patented Ultralight grip frame design, providing improved trigger adjustment, new retained push button system, and a redesigned battery mounting system. This grip frame combination is easily accessed through a new first for the industry, full wrap-around, tool-less sticky grip design. Mounted to the bottom of the UL frame is the new UL airport that operates with a simple easy turn, low profile knob that allows forward placement for maximum comfort.

PGA TECHNOLOGY Introducing Dyes proprietary graphic anodizing technology. A first for the paintball industry, Dye has developed an advanced anodizing process that allows any graphic to be directly transferred to the surface of the gun. Additionally, Dyes PGA process ensures minimal graphic resolution loss or distortion, while maintaining ultimate clarity. The all new 2011 DYE NT comes in 3 spectacular limited edition anodized patterns. These graphics are unique in color and design to each gun and will be run in a limited number, so make sure you grab yours before they run out.

BOOST BOLT TECHNOLOGY The patented spool valve bolt design has been enhanced for the NT by utilizing new patent pending Boost Forward Technology and an auto shutoff valve system. The linear, second stage solenoid spool minimizes dwell, allowing the NT to function with a minimum dwell of only 6 milliseconds. The spool valve Boost Bolt design, provides the ability to adjust shot chamber volume and airflow. This allows the NT to be modified so efficiently that recoil and sound.
  • Weight 1.6lbs.
  • ULTRALITE BARREL The industry standard for accuracy, the NT comes stock with the Ultralite™ 14 inch barrel.
  • NEXT GENERATION SPOOL VALVE The NT Boost Bolt is the culmination of over several years of design, research, and testing. A low mass bolt minimizing recoil is controlled by the most advanced spool valve design ever.
  • BOOST FORWARD TECHNOLOGY The patent pending Boost Forward Technology controls the speed of the bolt through its cycle, providing a gentle push of the ball at the beginning to minimize ball breakage, and increased speed later to maximize efficiency and consistency.
  • AUTOMATIC VALVE SHUTOFF The patent pending auto shutoff instantly cuts off the shot chamber as soon as enough air is released to fire the ball, ensuring no air is wasted.
  • BOOST BOLTS LINEAR SECONDARY SOLENOID SPOOL The linear, second stage solenoid spool minimizes air usage and air travel allowing the NT to function with a dwell of only 6 milliseconds.
  • LOW OPERATING PRESSURE The NT’s new lower standard operating pressure of 125psi, for an even softer feel and reduced sound signature.
  • PATENTED EYE PIPE SYSTEM WITH PRO-PERFORMANCE DETENTS New durable and super-flexible detents offer supreme tenderness to the most brittle of paint. New flex-spring geometry ensures that balls will not double feed into the breech.
  • ULTIMATE EFFICIENCY Based off the industry standard 68ci /4500psi compressed air tank, the NT operating at 290 fps will generate 1500 to 1700 shots, depending on bolt configuration.
  • PLAYER PERFORMANCE AND SHOOTING COMFORT The 2011 NT’s efficiency, recoil, and sound signature can be modified to the users exact performance needs, by adjusting the bolt kit’s shot chamber volume and air flow.
  • ULTRALITE AIRPORT The UL airport has deep cuts that keeps it as light as possible, and gives it an aggressive look. It operates with a simple 1/4 turn low profile side knob that allows forward port output for maximum comfort and streamline looks.
  • COLORED O-RINGS Makes it easy to perform regular, scheduled maintenance of your bolt system.
  • ULTRALITE REACH TRIGGER Trigger roller bearing inserts give the trigger stability and a smooth swing return. The external adjustable design allows you to limit the travel of the trigger and adjust the reach, rake, and spring tension without removing the grip frame or Sticky Grip.
  • 2ND GENERATION ULTRALITE FRAME The newest revision of the now famous Ultralite frame offers an improved trigger adjustment system, redesigned battery mounting location, new button cover, and new control button housing system.
  • LED CONTROL High intensity LED provides identification to program functions.
  • METAL POWER BUTTONS Our metal/rubber button pad features large buttons that can easily be used while wearing gloves. Stainless steel buttons are guaranteed not to fail.
  • HYPER3™ The Hyper3™ regulator sports a streamlined diameter with unmatched flow and consistency, while maintaining precise adjustments.
  • CAM LOCK FEED NECK Low profile locking feed port with adjustable cam lock neck allows you to use your choice of hopper and secure it firmly to the NT without the use of tools.
  • TOOL-LESS STICKY GRIP™ & CONTACT PADS The full wrap around NT Sticky Grip allows you to easily access the battery and circuit board for programming with no tools. We’ve also added a front rubber contact pad and rear rubber contact grip, for maximum comfort and stability.
  • NT PROGRAMMING The all-new circuit board for the NT has faster processing, and more accurate ROF control.

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