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The Dangerous Power Paintball Gun series features a combination of exceptional quality and reasonable prices. The Dangerous Power paintball guns continue to innovate new designs and styles that appeal to all types of paintball players. If you are shopping around paintball guns looking for a great quality gun between $300 and $800, then the Dangerous Power paintball guns are what you need. The patented technology used in all of the Dangerous Power paintball guns incorporates both style as well as functionality.
Dangerous Power E1 Dangerous Power Fusion ELITE
All Dangerous Power Paintball Guns - E1
All Dangerous Power Paintball Guns - Fusion Elite
Dangerous Power Fusion FX Dangerous Power G5
All Dangerous Power Paintball Guns - Fusion FX
All Dangerous Power Paintball Guns - G5
Dangerous Power M3-A1
All Dangerous Power Paintball Guns - M3-A1
Dangerous Power paintball guns start under the $185 price tag with the E series guns. The Danger Power E1 is a simple spool valve paintball gun that is gentle on paint. Its simple design and maintenance was designed with the beginning player in mind.

The first G series Dangerous Power paintball gun is the G4. The G4 is a very light weight and low profile that rivals the $1000+ guns in terms of reliability and performance. The Dangerous Power paintball guns do not skimp on quality even with their most basic guns. The G4 paintball gun is a great gun for any beginning to intermediate paintball player.

The next Dangerous Power paintball gun in the G series is the G5. The Dangerous Power G5 is similar to the G4 but utilizes an internal airline system instead of external macroline. This makes the G5 much more streamlined and easier to maintain..

Stepping up in the lineup is the Fusion FX. This is the first Dangerous Power paintball gun that is working off of a stacked tube design. The way that this Dangerous Power gun is produced allows it to be even lighter and faster shooting that the Spool style G series guns. The FX Dangerous Power paintball gun has very similar operation as the Ego series paintball guns and the older Bob Long style paintball guns.

The pride and joy of the Dangerous Power paintball guns is the Rev-i paintball gun. The Rev-i is the Dangerous Power Paintball gun that has a ton of great features and is their most expensive gun. This is the gun that they have manufactured for only the most serious paintball players.

Not wanting to ignore the scenario crowd, the Dangerous Power M3-A1 paintball gun brings high end to woodsball. The DP M3-A1 marker utilizes the same engine as the G series for smooth, no chop performance. No detail was overlooked; the M3-A1 comes complete with offset feed, M16 style front shroud, tactical rails and a collapsible stock.