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ANSgear has the largest selection of Dye paintball guns online so you will get the exact Dye Gun of your dreams! Dye paintball markers have been The Choice Of Champions for over a decade and have helped professional teams win championship after championship.
Dye DAM CQB Paintball Gun Dye DAM Paintball Gun Dye DM13 Paintball Gun
All Dye DAM CQB Paintball Guns
All Dye DAM Paintball Guns
All Dye DM13 Paintball Guns
Dye DM14 20 Year Anniversary Edition Guns Dye DM14 Paintball Gun Dye DM15 Paintball Gun
All Dye DM14 20 Year Anniversary Edition Guns
All Dye DM14 Paintball Guns
All Dye DM15 Paintball Guns

Dye Paintball Guns are some of the most desired and respected markers in the game. The Dye Matrix (DM) series are proven tournament winners, the result of over ten years of development and refinement. When you pick up a Dye paintball marker, you are picking up a legacy of victory.

Dye DM Series paintball guns perfected the spool valve design, creating a fast and smooth shooting experience. Dye DM guns feature precision milled and designed bodies, with rich colors or eye catching works of art through Dye's Proprietary Graphics Anodizing (PGA).

The Dye DM14 paintball gun is the most radical design of the DM series yet. The DM14 saw Dye move to a macroline free internal air system, eliminating the unsightly external airline snagging and streamlining the marker's handling. The Quick Release Magnetic Bolt degasses and releases the bolt engine in seconds, for the fastest maintenance of any Dye marker ever. The tiny Hyper4 Regulator ensures the DM14 shoots accurate and consistent, day in and day out.

Having dominated the tournament scene, Dye set their sights on the scenario woodsball world. The result was the Dye DAM, or Dye Assault Matrix. The Dye DAM marker made waves in the milsim, presenting an electronic marker that can switch between First Strike Ready mag fed or hopper fed on the fly. Military looks combine with paintball specific design to create a milsim marker that feels like the real thing, yet handles the way a paintball gun should. Check out the Dye DAM when you are ready for the ultimate woodsball gun.