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We currently have an overstock of paintball guns on sale. Our paintball gun sale section of the site is fully loaded with a ton of great deals on anywhere from basic to advanced paintball guns. Now you can get into paintball for a fraction of what it would normally cost, or you can upgrade your current gun to one of the most advanced paintball guns on the market.

The Paintball Guns On Sale section has many great deals from companies such Kingman, Smart Parts, Bob Long and Planet Eclipse. Get the gun that best suits your needs and be more competitive on the paintball field.
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Looking for an awesome pump marker that won't kill your wallet? Shop all our Sale ANS Paintball Guns right now for a great deal on a great shooting pumpgun! All the classic ANS markers are sale priced including EXCLUSIVE color options you can't find anywhere else. Don't miss out on these crazy sale prices while they last.
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Planet Eclipse Geo CS1.5 Paintball Gun - Silver/Pink Planet Eclipse Geo CS1.5 Paintball Gun - Silver/Pink
Our Price: $1,499.95
Sale Price: $1,349.96
Azodin Kaos Ultimate Pump Kit - Black Azodin Kaos Ultimate Pump Kit - Black
Our Price: $299.95
Sale Price: $149.95
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