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Paintball Knee Pads are a vital piece of equipment if you want to keep yourself safe and protected on the field. We carry a variety of paintball knee pads from the very basic knee only all the way to the full shin and knee pad combination. The paintball knee pad set that is one of the best would be the full Empire Knee/Shin version. They just slide on right under your pants and have plenty of features to keep them from sliding. Don't worry about getting hurt on the field, get some paintball knee pads so you can play hard every game. All of our paintball knee pads are soft versions that are meant to be worn under your pants. Although you can wear these paintball knee pads over your pants, they will have a lot shorter useful life.
Dye Empire Gen X Global
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GI Sportz HK Army Invert
All GI Sportz Paintball Knee Pads
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Here is some of the basic info for some of the best Paintball Knee Pads in the industry.

Dye Paintball Knee Pads are very well built and slip right over your knees. The Dye pads do not include any shin protection and are strictly paintball knee pads. If you are looking for something with shin protection as well, check out the Sly, Empire or Valken Paintball knee pads.

Empire Paintball Knee Pads have two unique styles. You can get the standard knee pad only or upgrade to the inclusive paintball knee pads with shin protection. The Empire series of paintball knee pads are moderately priced and come with some great protection.

Gen X Global paintball knee pads are the most basic and economic pair of pads in stock.

Paintball knee pads are a good investment for the following reasons:
Paintball Knee Pads Protect your knee and shins from the impact of a paintball hitting your skin.
Paintball Knee Pads make it easy for you to play tight with your bunker.
Paintball Knee Pads will keep your knees and shins protected when diving or crawling.
Paintball Knee Pads will get you back to school or work on Monday morning.

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