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slideshow image is proud to have the most extensive paintball loader section you can find. We stock all paintball loaders from all of the major manufacturers. We also have a full line of paintball loader accessories including spare parts, upgrade parts, and speed feeds.
Loader Parts & Accs. BT Dye Box Loader
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Gi Sportz Pulse RDR Loader HK Army TFX Invert
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Our paintball loader category is stocked with a full selection of loaders such as BT, Dye, Empire, Extreme Rage, Gen X Global, Halo, Invert, Kingman, Pinokio, Tippmann and Viewloader.

Buying a paintball loader can be a little bit difficult if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. We have a variety of paintball loaders with price tags from $4.95 all the way up to $249.95.

For the basic $4.95 loader, you are looking at a standard gravity fed loader that will only work well on non electric guns. If you want the best of the best, we have the Empire Prophecy LTD loader package that will give you every function and feature you could possibly want.

We will start to go over our loader section with BT Paintball Loaders. The Battle Tested loaders are compatible with all BT paintball guns. BT loaders are a very durable and reliable loader that is easy to install and will feed as fast as your gun can shoot. This is the number one paintball loader recommendation for any BT paintball gun owner.

For the most serious of players who want nothing but the best, check out the Dye Rotor series of paintball loaders. The Rotor is a light weight and durable loader that is know to be one of the fastest in paintball. If you shoot the Dye DAM, the Dye Box Loader was made to give high capacity for those heavy shooters. If you want your gun and gear to perform at their best, keep the Dye Paintball Hopper in your sights.

Empire paintball loaders continue to evolve over the years to bring you the most up to date and new technology. With each advancement of the Empire Paintball loader, it allows players to step up their game on the field. The pride and joy of the Empire loader line is the Prophecy Z2 loader. It utilizes all of the most advanced technology in paintball and is one of the fastest feeding loaders on the market.

Gen X Global makes Standard Gravity Fed paintball loaders for the Tippmann cyclone feeds, 40 round custom hoppers for pump guns and standard 200 round loaders that are compatible with all paintball guns. These are very basic loaders and are the least expensive that we carry.

Originally known as the Viewloader Hopper, the JT Paintball Loader series of paintball loaders have been around for a long time and have seen very little change. They are good quality loaders with a mid price range. They remain popular for their simplicity and reliable performance.

The Halo paintball loader was the first loader that really took hoppers to the next level. Over time, the Halo series loaders have progressed their technology and made their pricing more reasonable. Halo Paintball loaders feed anywhere from about 22 balls per second all the way up to about 35 with the Halo V board.

Invert paintball is a sub category of the Empire paintball line. The Invert paintball loaders are all very reasonably priced and have great performance. The Invert Too loader is the most recommended loader we offer as is has very high feed rates, is extra durable and wont break the bank. The Invert Too loader works great on all paintball guns.

GI Sportz, makers of a great line of paintballs and goggles, have entered the loader market with the Pulse RDR Hopper. The RDR loader incorporates a built-in chronograph and other slick features. Check out GI Sportz Paintball Loaders for the latest technology in paintball.

The Pinokio Paintball Loader has developed a cult following. The Pinokio Hopper got its name from the extension you can add to make it the highest capacity electronic paintball hopper on the market. They are especially popular with woodsball players. Take a look at the Pinokio series if you like to shoot a lot.

Tippmann Paintball Loaders are incredibly popular upgrades. The super fast Cyclone Feed from the A5 and X7 markers can be installed on the Tippmann 98 and US Army paintball guns. They also make reliable electronic hoppers for other markers, too. If you own a Tippmann, check out their line of hoppers.

Valken Paintball Loaders are a solid performer and easy to maintain. Valken hoppers are available for a variety of paintball markers. The V-Max series hoppers are tough and durable, making Valken loaders popular for people who are hard on their gear.

As you can see, it can be pretty difficult to pick out just the right paintball loader for your gun, but we hope this brief rundown will make it a little bit easier for you to choose.