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A paintball remote is a great idea for getting your heavy paintball tank off your gun and onto your back or side. The remotes are the most useful for scenario and woodsball players since they usually hold their paintball gun on one side of their body.
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Remote Line w/ ON Off ASA - Lifetime warranty
CMI Heavy Duty On/Off Coil Paintball Remote Kit - Black
Our Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $24.95
You save $10.00!

CMI Remote Coil Quick Disconnect Fitting Kit Huge Paintball Remote Line Sale
Empire Battle Tested Remote Cover Paintball Remote Line Cover Empire Remote Coil
Extreme Rage Coiled Remote
Our Price: $38.95
Sale Price: $29.95
You save $9.00!
Empire Remote Coil Empire UFA Universal Fill Adapter Huge Paintball Remote Line Sale
Guerrilla Air Cobra Remote Line
Huge Paintball Remote Line Sale Female Quick Disconnect Fitting Guerrilla Air Cobra Coil Remote
Paintball Fill Whip Kingman Spyder Remote Coil Kingman Spyder Remote Coil
Lapco Aluminum Slide Check Valve Male Quick Disconnect Fitting Ninja Slide Check
Ninja Compact Quick Disconnect Ninja Universal Fill Adapter Paintball Tank Remote