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Sorry but the Eclipse 09 Geo+ paintball gun is out of stock and will not be back in. Please check out our selection of Eclipse paintball guns that are similar to the 09 Geo+.
The Planet Eclipse Geo+ (Geo Plus) is coming soon and looks to be a nice surprise. The Eclipse Geo+ takes all the refinements that have been made to the Geo since its release. The biggest change in the Eclipse Geo+ paintball gun would be the inclusion of the GST bolt kit which is much more efficient and easier on paint.
With the launch of the Geo GST kit, it became widely accepted that the GEO has become the marker that everyone dreamed a GEO would be. The Geo+ (Geo Plus) paintball gun has a much smoother shot, much less noise and the ability to shoot the most fragile tournament paintballs.

The Planet Eclipse Geo+ paintball gun takes all the refinements that have been made and is combined with a killer price tag.

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