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2011 Mokal Aura Paintball Gun - Dust Blue/Black
2011 Mokal Aura Paintball Gun - Dust Blue/Black

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2011 Mokal Aura Paintball Gun -

Inline bolt system

The Aura inline bolt system consists of a spool controlled by a direct operated solenoid valve. The movable part of the spool glides on self lubricating material which eliminates the need to use special grease like other spool type bolts. The low operating pressure and built in air cushion minimize recoil while firing.

How does it work?

The air used to fill the dump chamber causes the bolt to move to the back position. When the solenoid valve is energized air is directed to the rear of the bolt causing it to move forward. The bolt cuts off the supply to the dump chamber and releases it to shoot the paintball.

What is a direct operated solenoid valve?

This type of valve uses a solenoid to shift a spool directly. Unlike pilot operated valves these are high speed and very robust. The simple design allows easy maintenance. We designed our valve to be very compact with a large flow capacity. Most pilot operated valves have a maximum pressure rating of 120 psi. When they are used in paintball markers they are pushed to the limit of their rating which results in premature failure of the valve. Although the Aura operates at less than 170 psi, our direct operated valve can operate at pressures up to 400 PSI giving a comfortable safety margin. The result is an extremely durable valve system.

Eye shields

When a paintball breaks in a marker you almost always have to remove the bolt to completely clean out all the mess. Very rarely will it clean out by itself. And you will also have to remove the eyes to clean them properly. This is why the eye shields are so useful. When you use a squeegee to clean out the breach this will also clean the eyes. In addition they are slightly recessed so they will never get scratched by the movement of the bolt.

ASA with on/off and purge system

The Aura has a standard threaded ASA with an ON/OFF knob that not only makes it safe to remove the tank but also releases all the air in the marker and dump chamber. This simple and useful feature eliminates the need to shoot out the air in the marker when you remove the tank.

Intelligent break beam sensor system

The Aura has a redesigned break beam sensor system with eye shields that prevent any dirt from interfering with the sensor. The eyes can be cleaned by simply removing the bolt and using a squeegee. If any malfunction should occur the software automatically overrides the eye function and reduces the rate of fire to keep you in the game. The upper mode button on the foregrip allows you to enable or disable the sensor system. The software detects the actual position of the ball as it approaches the bottom of the breach. This is a more reliable way of ensuring that the ball is in position rather than using a time delay. The in-position tolerance can be adjusted depending on the paintballs being used. If you are using relatively tough paintballs you can set the precision to low. A high precision will ensure that the ballis fully in the breach which would be useful for fragile paintballs.

Electronic On/Off

We have built in a convenient electrical on/off switch into the handle that cuts off all power from the battery. Unlike other electronic markers ,when you are not using your marker you do not have to worry about draining the battery. We have also eliminated those cumbersome 9 volt battery connectors; the battery simply snaps into the handle frame.

Simple design

The Aura has all the air lines machined in the handle eliminated those bulky and leak prone macro fittings. The electronic controls and status leds are conveniently located in the foregip. The inline bolt system is completely removable from the back of the marker.

Adjustable trigger

The trigger has adjustments for pre and post travel as well as microswitch activation point.

Firing modes

There are 5 firing modes and 4 tournament modes. You can adjust the settings through the foregrip control without removing any covers.

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Mokal paintball gun May 13, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from In the house  
I bot the gun and it was great I used it for two years and never had any problem it is a great intermediate gun and a pro gun

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