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upgrades January 17, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
only problem is I want to get a e grip for but haven't found one yet any help/

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Zero stars December 28, 2013
Reviewer: Quentin Call from Riverton, IL United States  
Broke on me when I got it out of the box, worst gun ever, paper weight if you ask me

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Description February 21, 2013
Reviewer: chris  
this gun shoots amazing  just make sure ur using a hpa tank and a godd hopper and ur set  it is a little heavy but if u think ur up to the challenge then buy this gun and go play

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Great Gun for Anyone. May 10, 2011
Reviewer: Lucas from Toronto, ON Canada  
This was my first gun I ever owned. I was originally going to get a X7, thank god i didn't. The Delta is somewhat heavy if you're not a wimp, but it is a mil-sim gun. It is very accurate because of the apex barrel. It is very tough, so don't worry about it cracking. Nice sights although the tank sometimes gets in the way. I would suggest getting an e-grip though.              Overall great gun for anyone that plays woodsball, rec or scenario.

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Great deal. July 12, 2010
Reviewer: Pedro Lopes from Porto Alegre, RS Brazil  
I bought this gun in June 8, and the "new model" is kind of different from the showed in the ANS' video. The differences are: The mag is now one plastic part only (by the way a bad molded quality and of course it is not so cool as the old one) and the same for the handgrip that now is also on plastic part only (no more reloading spin as the old version).

The great new is that now the barrel is APEX ready! So you will only have to buy an APEX tip!

The others features are pretty much the same as the video.

The gun itself is awesome, strong, beatiful, accurate shooting. The upgrades is on your own, make your choise what's best for you and enjoy one of the best woodsball gun.

PS:  ANS Gear are the best!

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awesome June 14, 2010
Reviewer: Nick from VA United States  
Ive had this gun for a while now. I put a rip clip and a egrip on it and i works fantastic. now that i have an apex, its even more deadly out there. Get a sling and a remote coil cuz it can get a little heavy

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looks cool shoots great just a few complaints February 24, 2010
Reviewer: A.J. kurtz from Galloway, NJ United States  
the moment i held this gun i was in love i really like the natural feel of it good weight good grip and it destroys on the field i just think i should point out a few minoor things someone might want to know first the clip ... it dose nothing it dose not load the gun and you may have seen in some vidoios that they can detach it and you may of thought well i can stor stuff in their no the made it so that you cant do that either and the bolt in the front of the gun dosn't move but my biggest complaint is the barrel if you want to cange the barrel you lose the hand grip  their one their not coming apart so if you want a new barrel the gun looks incompleat also i like that it has a5 threads so you can use an a5 barrel (like the flatline which has a hand grip hint hint) its a great gun and the elite is even better

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SIMPLY AWSOME January 18, 2008
Reviewer: Angela Harless from Ashdown, AR United States  
Upon receiving the marker and ripclip I can honestly say its the coolest lookin paintball gun ever made.The packaging of the gun and accessories is excellent and very compact, you could almost drop it from a plane and expect it to work perfectly.The detail thats gone into this gun is incerdable right down to the quick release mag and the ajustable sights.I fitted the RipClip to it straight away(very easy to took about 60 seconds) the way the RipCilp fits to the body of the marker is a fantastic design.You could run into a truck with it and get a panel beating bill for the truck!
It shoots straight out of the box, the velocity is set quite low from the factory but dead easy to fix that.the accuricy is very good I ran 200 rounds of WPN TOXIC and it was shooting within 2 inches of my cyborg with a stiffi barrel.I have ordered the E-Grip and will add to this review when I have tested it.

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