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Great gun February 15, 2011
Reviewer: Austin Smith from Glasford, IL United States  
This gun works amazing and hardly every breaks paint. The problem that i have had with this gun is the barrel, i myself prefer a 14 inch barrel with a smaller bore. Besides that it is absolutely an amazing gun and i would recommend it to everyone.

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This gun a beast September 25, 2010
Reviewer: Alex from Fort Covington , NY United States  
For all u people who say this a ego copy ur right but dp and pe work together and use each other design I mean look a the geo it's a freaking g3 clone and so don't dis this gun cause it looks like an ego

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looks good, but what did they upgrade May 22, 2010
Reviewer: Joseph Roby from Sierra Vista, AZ United States  
I have a g3 spec-r that is fully upped and love it. ditch the raps ASA, it kept blowing o-rings on me and i had to send it back twice before i got 1 that didn't blow an o-ring every other match.

all in all the DP guns are really simple to maintain and even easier to upgrade. the previous DP guns always were missing something (like PSP mode on the stock boards) to make them a tourney marker. hopefully this gun has it all.

DP's are good guns and i can hang with my buddies who shoot ego's (i have a full freak kit, PMI ultra 70/45 tank (loking to get a smaller 45/4500 for) and an empire prophecy and a CP 2k7 ASA along with upgraded APE board, CP trigger, rendition magnetic trigger upgrade, west coast killer grips, and virtue eyes along with the PMD gauge on back).  awesome setup, hope the FX is a good gun.  

at least if you have problems the Dangerous Power folks will answer the phone and help you out.

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DP rocks again! May 19, 2010
Reviewer: Atanas Neykov from Sofia, Sofia Bulgaria  
Think to buy it! I have F8 and don't have any problems whit it. Whant to have that marker too.

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