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Well worth it April 15, 2014
Reviewer: ThePballLife from MD United States  
Yes these are pricey pods but they are worth it Ive probably had mine for a year and you can not even tell, they are strong

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Good in Theory / Bad Execution September 22, 2013
Reviewer: Eric Graham from San Diego, Ca  
2 of 6 pod tops have come unglued after 2 paintball trips.  These are also slightly bigger round than your regular pod so they are harder to remove from a pod pack.  They hold more paint, which would be good, but most elastic loops on the pod packs wont hold the extra very well if you run/dive.  I'm going back to regular pods!

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Great Pods June 3, 2013
Reviewer: Joshua Williams from Lumberton , TX United States  
I have used the Dye Lock Lid pods since they first came out in 2006 I believe. I was using the Angel Fat Boys and switched to these and haven't ever looked back. I  have had a couple of malfunctioning pods, lids don't open correctly and one cracked pod from being shot at point blank with a hot marker. Real easy fix, just called Dye Customer Service and told them about the issues, they sent me the information I needed to send them back at their cost and sent me brand new ones. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!  I now own 24 Dye Lock Lid Pods. I play big scenarios and always like to have all my extra pods full so I can grab what I need and get back on the field. Do you think I would invest that kind of money into pods if I didn't think they would work? Every product has a bad egg at one point or another, how you deal with it is up to you.

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Dye Locklids September 19, 2012
Reviewer: Mitchel Lamb from Perth, Western Australia Australia  
I found the Dye lock lids to open up during a game if they arn't put in your pod pack properly also i found them hard to get back into your pack after you have reloaded

but apart from that, they arn't to bad

P.S if you pull it to hard the top will pull off from the pod

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best pods ever June 28, 2012
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Monica, CA United States  
they hold 20 more balls than standard pods and always lock closed and open with the press of a button. just one little flaw, since these pods hold more balls then standard ones, they are about an inch or two longer, and therefore a little harder to slip into your pack unless you have the dye harness but overall the best pods hands down

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good pod June 8, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from lakeland, FL United States  
these pods are awesome and all the fit great with my rotor and pod pack but one thing that sucks about them is that if you take dive or slide in wrong and you land on the pod or hits a bunker they brake easy thats what happend to me but i still love lock lids better than any other pod out there

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Great Pods but one flaw August 25, 2011
Reviewer: Geasslver from modesto, CA United States  
These pods are amazing, i use them in every sanario, i use them on a nxe 4+2 They are smooth with my rotor, they are ALMOST perfect.

I was out on my feild for a couple of weeks and experincede this problem with them. When i would try to take it out of the holders in a speed ball game it got stuck. It did this ALOT but only on one idk why but it was allways that one. Also when i was diving into the snake 1 of my pods filled with evil paint flinged open and all of them fell in the snake. But since my feild was on turf i picked them up afterwards and cleaned the paint. But when your grabing for them make SHURE your not grabing the release button, my friend kept doing that all day. it was funny but his pod had a problem it was a fluke.

All of these problems can be ignored and their not really that bad. But great pods saves ALOT of time reloading in speed ball. Great loaders i give them 5 stars.:) BUY THESE NOW IF YOU DONT HAVE THEM

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Great product June 30, 2011
Reviewer: Frankie Pace from macomb township, MI United States  
I love these pods, I always carry these pods because they dont open unless you want them to.since getting these i havent spilled a single ball due to the pod opening when i didnt intend for it to.Some may say its harder to open but it really isnt i suppose you just kinda get used to it

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Love em! March 3, 2011
Reviewer: nicholas campbell from navarre, FL United States  
Bought these at my local field 6 for $25 and there well worth it! I sometimes carry two in my pockets and I have never had one spill! There actually kinda hard to pop open on purpose, Worth every penny!

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Just Love Them December 29, 2010
Reviewer: Chris Conger from Garfield Heights, OH United States  
I purchased these along with Dye's 09 Attack pack pro 4+5.

Anyway because of their larger design, they fit very snug in my pack, because of this when I release the velcro strap, it kind of springs out the pod for me, making it very easy to grab and pull out.

Also, found these are great with the Dye Rotor, as when I normally reload (as if I subconsciously count) I always get the full pod in, without any dropped balls. So you just have to know how you shoot and your normal reloading time/feeling and this is a great setup.

Lastly, these really serve their purpose when you have the larger Dye Rotor shell on your hopper.

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