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LTD Pants April 24, 2012
Reviewer: J from Auburn, WA United States  
These pants are ok. I happen to have my back still slipping a bit upward. The pants adjustable strap is not so good. It will stretch back into place they really dont work so well. Then the padding is great I still recommend getting knee pads. These are still great pants to get for the money instead of 130 dollar pants or so.

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GREAT PANTS worth the money February 25, 2012
Reviewer: kevin blair from nanuet, NY United States  
the guys under me have sound pretty picky or just have bad luck iv'e played over
50 games with these and there amazing never had gotten a ball in the pockets like the guy under me is saying and so what if the pockets unzipper back wards there just fine the padding on these are amazing couldnt ask for better i dont feel any elastic on them and  for the mesh part above the knee its about 2-3 inches about the knee they fit me perfect and im 5-6 nd half couldnt ask for anything more the amount of  bounces i have gotten on these pants are ridiculous, the crotch padding is a 1-10 a well 9 i got shot from the side and it broke on my crotch but i didnt even feel it untill i looked down because i saw a break i havent take a shot directly and dont want to find out but after that shot i was amazed of the padding overall its great pants and i would recomanand them im 5'6-7 about 125 and have a small waist and they fit perfect no need to tighten the waist or anything and i got a size small

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Odd design choice has a point... February 24, 2012
Reviewer: Chris Jones from Cabot, AR United States  
The elastic band on the pants is indeed a little weird... I'm a skinny guy so they bunch a little on me... however the length on me is just fine but I have long legs anyway...I think empire intended the velcro at the bottoms (something I also dont care for, I like the drawstings on my 08 JT teams). Also the pockets are a bit of a he said they open forward and for one thats a break magnet as they kinda hang open a bit and for two it makes it a bit difficult to get to the handy microfiber towel in the pocket if wearing a pack should you need it mid game. The towel idea however...I'd never go without it it comes in handy.

Other than that the padding is pretty good and thick and they fit comfortably, not too hot or anything. I'd definately buy these on sale though, like seventy or below.

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Odd design choice December 3, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Idaho  
Instead of having one solid strip of velcro along the waist, they only have two patches. You can't really adjust these pants much. The distance of the velcro also means that you get "bunches" in the pants.
The jewel that shows which pants you have is located to the left of the groin padding and IS NOT PICTURED. Why would you put a hard part there?
The pockets open backwards. You can sort of see this in the picture of the pants facing right. Notice the slight wave on the pants' right pocket? that's the flap. It should open from the other side. Paintballs WILL get in there, I promise.
The pants, regardless of what size you get, are way too long. The option I wanted (that I think would have fit my waist) puts me at about 32/41. This will seriously reduce the pants' life. Empire pants have a very elastic material above the knee pad portion of the pants that allow them to move a lot instead of rip. Instead of sliding on the knee portion of the pants, you WILL be sliding on the mesh.

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Just gottem in September 28, 2011
Reviewer: Vegas from Playing Paintball (duh)  
These pants are AWESOME!!! They are incredibly comfortable plus they keep you nice and cool in the field. It is very easy to maneuvre in this pants when you are running for cover and what not. I highly recommend these pants for anyone playing paintball.

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Great!! July 14, 2011
Reviewer: John Curtis Aikenhead from Fall River, NS Canada  
I just recently bought this product. I absolutly love these pants. Worth every sent. The only thing i would have to complaine about is that i found that the knee pats were to low. that might be because of my size but thats what i have to say.

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