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great marker March 11, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from freehold, NJ United States  
Great marker. It feels really nice in your hands and the on and off asa is a great feature. Out the back bolt is great and its is really gentle on paint. The only thing that I woud be upgrading down the rode is the barrel. its decent but its 12 inches and the feed neck requires a alan key to adjust. Overall great gun. One thing to be careful of is when your adjusting the trigger don't adjust it to far in. My gun batteries were dying quickly because the current was always active.

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GREAT! January 17, 2014
Reviewer: Harrison from Lexington, KY  
Love it shoots amazing out of the box super smooth only recommend upgrade is a cp barrel but highly recommend this gun it's quieter than the etek4 best gun for the price

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Greatest gun out there December 6, 2013
Reviewer: Hector from New Jersey  
I've been deciding between the Etek, Etha, and Axe, and I ended up choosing the empire axe and I would never be happier with my decision. I have shot all theses guns in this 350-550 price rage and this one stood out the most. Many say this is just like the mini, it's really different. This is gun has great accuracy with stock barrel at 180 psi pressure, extremely quite(unlike the etek), good effiency. About 7 pods on a 3,000 psi tank. Easy to use on/off Asa. This gun is just amazing after about a case or two. You may see chopping when u first get it, but soon as u set it to about 180 pressure and about a case or two broken into your gun, this gun will be shooting lasers! Again, I can not be any happier with my decision and I recommend this to all people in this price range!

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Empire Axe December 3, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Chicago  
after debating between the Mini and an Axe, I purchased this gun and am EXTREMELY happy with my choice. Haven't chopped a single ball, smooth as butter straight out of the box. Stock barrel is decent but definitely could be upgraded. Tool-less bolt removal makes cleaning a breeze! So simple to work on. 10/10. recommend to anyone looking to buy a great gun.

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Rather have this than an Etek November 18, 2012
Reviewer: Johnson from Chicago, IL  
The only problems out of the box that i had with this gun was the screw that activated the micro switch was constantly falling out of place. My solution was buying some Blue Loctite and putting it on the threads of the screw and let it cure overnight. Overall, marker is shooting like butter now! much more smooth,quiet,and better than the Etek 3 that i had. My etek 3 had the zick 2 kit and cure 4 but still not as smooth and quiet as the stock axe. The trigger on the axe also has ball bearing so its way more responsive and smooth. Only recommendation is a barrel with .689 bore or lower to match your paint so you can turn down the velocity to save air and shoot more quietly with less kick. The new Axe should have the velocity instruction on the backcap, improved feedneck that broke on the old ones, and the shockwave board that doesnt require you to open the foregrip to change modes.

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Great performance July 6, 2012
Reviewer: Ernesto Roman from Dorado, Dorado Puerto Rico  
I live in puerto rico which is very humid and this gun does not brake paint. It has great efishency. It has a great look and the front grip gives you a better grip on the gun than what a geo or ego would give you.

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very impressed March 28, 2012
Reviewer: trenten talamantez from idaho falls, ID United States  
For the price this.marker really impressed me. I ordered it two weeks ago. Shot side by side with FX, G4, REVI and the axe was the smoothest shooter of them all with the least recoil. I just played a game of woodsball with it on Sunday. Shot 2,400 balls and not one ball chop. I used my Ifit barrel kit and this marker was shootting ball on ball. The trigger works well for my taste. Only complaint is the feedneck is week looking and holds the hopper too tight, and the 12 inch barrel. Buy it!

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AXE has spoken February 23, 2012
Reviewer: mike Sycoff from Melville, NY United States  
I herd great things about this gun so I decided to try it out. I shot my friends and that triggered me to fall in love. So I bought one.The only minor thing is that you sometimes have to tighten the front grip.

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Great gun when it works December 2, 2011
Reviewer: Tristan from Austin, TX United States  
This gun shoots amazing when it works after about only 5 cases through mine the board stopped working on me and it leaked air and i had to send it in. But other than that this gun shoots like a dream!

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amazing June 12, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from edmond, OK United States  
i recently purchased this marker and was completley stunned by its performance.  my only complaint is that i have to tighten my asa almost every time i use it, even with a carbon fiber tank.  If you are on the edge about buying this over the etek do yourself a favor and buy the axe it is more than just a mini on steroids.

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