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SF barrel kit December 23, 2013
Reviewer: Nate Mann-Grimm from Glendale, AZ, United States  
i LOVE this kit, i run it on my empire great. only reason i give it 4 stars rather than 5 is that i hate how long the APEX2 barrel front is. it comes out to 17 inches and it looks ridiculous. would prefer to have it be 14 inches, but not too big a deal.

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Best barrel ever November 5, 2013
Reviewer: Juan Carlos from México  
Something to take into account the most is the bore of the barrel, thIs kit allows you to change between 5 diferent bores by replicing the inserts for all type of paint..... I have used for a year from now improving accuracy and consitency of te shoots....

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barrel May 21, 2013
Reviewer: fangshwam burger from i forget where i live  
they should sell these barrels not in a kit too they would make more money because im sure people like me and others dont need all the barrels you can only use one at a time right?

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Never need another barrel kit again!! April 27, 2013
Reviewer: Ryan C. from Northern NJ  
Ok so if you play paintball you know about Freak Barrel kits.. Empire just one upped it.. Never have I used a more well put together kit.. Perfect inserts, excellent selection of tips and an awesome back.. The Carbon Fiber tip is just as awesome as you would think it would be, the Apex Tip is  fun to play with and the standard tip is excellent looking.. Only thing I would change for the price is I would throw a 16"  tip in there for someone who prefers longer then a 14" barrel.. If your in the market for a barrel kit you need to get this.. All around the best there is for the money..

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Great Product December 26, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
i just got this as a christmas present, and it it amazing. the only thing is that it is hard to take the insert out of it at first because it comes with an insert in it. the carbon fiber tip is swabable, at least with ans swabs, the apex 2 works great, same with everything else that comes with the kit. the case is velcro to open, then after that there are two velcro straps, which you then open to get to the barrels. if you have a shaft 4, stock mini barrel, stock axe barrel, stock pmr barrel, stock anything except for machine vapor and luxe, then you will love this item. makes my etek 4 quieter and more accurate than ever before. get this and a pooty modded cure 4 bolt for an etek 4 and it turns this into a true ego, maybe better :D. im getting off track but the point is GET THIS BARREL KIT, best way to spend money, trust me its worth the 180 :)

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Awesome Kit November 11, 2012
Reviewer: Tony T. from NJ  
Love my SF Kit, the only problem I've had so far is that the Carbon Fiber tip IS NOT SWAB-ABLE! If you use a synthetic swab (like a barrel maid), it'll catch an edge by the porting a rip a strip of CF off of the inside.

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Excellent barrel kit! August 30, 2012
Reviewer: Collin Kram from TX  
Sure a little pricey to begin with. But look at it this way, freak kit with a CF barrel and apex included. They took the freak idea which has proven itself over time to be tht of choice for PB players, and simply put in goodies basically. The CF tip looks great, and gives a little quieter shot off, and the porting on both aluminum and CF front is excellent!
And the apex tip is just fun an awesome! It really throws this kit into hands of speed ballers and woods ballers alike, and has made my sniper and ultimate machine
Overall great barrel kit, has everything I will honestly need and more, and is interchangeable between freak kit so I can use my other fronts and inserts!

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