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Trracer August 4, 2012
Reviewer: Eric from Melbourne, FL United States  
Just got this gun and played with it for the first time today. I'm only running it with CO2, so this might be the problem, but I was getting some irritating curve to my shots after about 40 feet. Within that range however, it's spot on.  My first pump, not bad.  Another pump? Unlikely.

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Great Starter Pump April 16, 2012
Reviewer: Polak from The Woodlands, TX United States  
I bought this as my first pump. I have put 2 cases of paint through it in a 26 hour scenario with zero issues. I used a Hammerhead .684 rifled barrel with TechT iFit kit and was +/- 6 on the chrono.  This gun has made me a big pump fan. The only upgrade I made was mounting an ASA for better tank positioning. I use a Proto Primo and was very happy with the clamping feed neck. The only thing that can be bothersome is the pump arm has some wiggle to it when not using the stock barrel. There are videos on youtube how to fix this with velcro tape, I will be doing that.

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Great Pump Gun! July 17, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Blacklick, OH United States  
I bought this last December and have been using it exclusively the last several times out. This gun is great stock but I would recommend getting a bottomline ASA kit for it which can be as cheap as $10. Another upgrade worth considering is a bore matching barrel kit. I use the Freak kit with the All American barrel front and this gun is lethal with that barrel in it. The gun is extremely accurate and I swear it shoots nearly as far as a flatine equipped Tippmann when set at about 280 FPS. I too have noticed the bolt wear but after close examination it looks more like the paint has worn off mine. The bolt itself appears to be in good condition after about a case of paint. I would recommend the freak barrel kit, a 50 round hopper and a 13ci HPA tank. You will be light, tight, accurate and efficient with this setup. I love it so much I sold all my other paintball gear and am using this gun exclusively and I'm having a blast and for 99% of us, that's what its all about!

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Great gun for the price! June 23, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Alachua, FL United States  
For $125 you'll have trouble finding a better pump marker. If you don't feel like getting the Azodin Kaos Pump, I fully recommend this one. I got this gun so I wouldn't have to keep paying to use a rental gun until I got an Empire Axe, and I am really glad I did. It has paid for itself. I have put about 1-2 cases through it and only had a few breaks (which were my fault, by the way). The only things you have to watch out for is you can't switch between CO2 and HPA because it screws up the FPS, and you have to be very careful not to lose any parts, it doesn't come with spares. Also, keep it lubed and maintained. I've played with it twice and neglected to and really should have. Get a 3000 PSI HPA tank to go with this, it's all you need for a pump gun. All in all this is a great pump gun for the price!

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AWSOME! June 16, 2011
Reviewer: Hank Hill from Arlen, TX United States of America  
I put a drop line on it and it was VERY nice! stock its quiet to! usually my wife Peggy complains about my PMR being quite loud but this was so quiet. I would recommend it to all my friends and mention it when im drinking beer.. GREAT GUN!

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Solid Marker, but might need a few things May 22, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Rowland Heights, CA United States  
The Trracer is a good marker for the price. It gives players a taste of pump and allows the to build different skills. The marker is very simple and only has a few parts that need to cleaned and lubricated. The stock barrel is very good for a stock barrel, but you may need to purchase a barrel/insert kit depending on the paint you use. I shoot Evil out of mine and Evil tends to run a bit small 683 +/- 1. Therefore, I get rollouts of the stock barrel. The good thing is that I have an old empire kit that helps to prevent rollouts. One issue I do have with the marker is its bolt durability. The bolt is polished, but the hammer sear causes a lot of wear where it makes contact with the bolt. The polished portion in this section has worn off. You can flip the bolt to try and even out the wear, but that might be a short term solution. I really hope the bolt stands up because I don't want to keep purchasing replacement parts.

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They might as well call it a sniper rifle May 19, 2011
Reviewer: Jeremy Coleman from Burlington, NJ United States  
i know what your thinking, "eeeww a pump thats out dated", and thats honestly as far away from the truth as possible. The stock barrel is pretty accurate but i put a Dye Ultralight .688 bore barrel on it and it shoots over 200ft with at most was 2" off of where i was aiming but it was windy (15-20mph winds). My total setup is around $240 on it and it disgraces those $1200 egos and such. the only other thing i would recomend is a red dot sight because it uses a BT style feed neck and the niple on that can sort of mess up your away but don't let that discourage you. ITS WELL WORTH THE $110 and cleaning is way to simple theres only like 5 parts a 3year-old can put it back together!

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Very good buy. December 7, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Iselin, NJ United States  
This gun is very solid and incredibly comfortable to use. When I first bought it I thought that the rails on the pump handle would be uncomfortable, but you don't even feel them. The pump action is also very smooth. Auto-trigger works just as they say it does. After a couple normal shots at a target i just had to try it. At about fifty feet i could consistently hit my target. For $120 its a great buy. The only upgrade i can even think of is a red dot sight on a forty-five degree offset, because the stock barrel is very accurate and quite.

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Trracer October 21, 2010
Reviewer: James Davis from Twydal, kent United Kingdom  
Recieved this today, looks bloomin brilliant in real life- the pictures dont do it justice! Super accurate with winter paint running compressed air.

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