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Not bad but not quite good January 14, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
I have 2 of these loaders. I use them on my x-valved Minimag with my SHP ninja tank, DP G4 and Stock Ion. My Minimag cycles to fast for it but I know is not near 25bps. On the G4 it works fine in Semi auto but as soon as you get in PSP or anything capable of 20+BPS it can't keep up. It works awesome in the ION at 17bps. This was with fresh Duracell batteries.  I do like the capacity but for the price I think I would take a look at the Valken V-Max or spend a bit more and go for the Halo.

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Super Loader March 8, 2011
Reviewer: Craig Galbraith from Benoni, Gauteng South Africa  
What a great hopper, it has it all going for it; Size (230 balls), Speed (25-30 bps), Looks (streamlined and compact), Ease of use (18v and never once looked at the operating manual to figure out how it works). If you want a good , strong, cheap super loader, go for the Fasta you will not be disappointed. The only reason I gave it 4 Stars was if they were going to go through all that trouble adding an LCD screen, they could have added something other than just a game timer to the electronics, maybe like a ball counter or RoF meter would have been nice too.

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Just like a pinokio! March 7, 2011
Reviewer: John Alvarado from Brick, NJ United States  
This is the exact design the pinokio loader is based off of. Same internals and the sensor they both have it good so its not always spinning when not firing your gun, which keeps tings quite and doesn't put extra force on the paintballs when they arnt moving loaders very fast never breaks paint and it doesn't popcorn. OVERALL A GREAT LOADER.

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compitition to superloaders? March 30, 2010
Reviewer: Tyler from tempe, AZ United States  
If you want and dont have enough money for the Pinokio (one of the three "superloaders") then the fasta is deffenetly an alternative.
for the price it is a great loader, and uses basically identical internals as the pinokio.
the both use a simple micro switch to tell when your gun is firing, so its not making noise
and dissmissing the complant about the lid angel, yes it is compared to others almost horrizontal. but in comparrison to some of the ViewLoader angels, i actualy think its easier to load pods..
hope this helped

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great hopper November 18, 2009
Reviewer: Maxwell olson from ,new york  
this loader is extremly light weight and yet has the ability to feed 30 bps!!!.  it is very fast and the ball capacity is very incredible.  230 balls is almost 2 pods and when this thing is full it weighs just about the same as a halo v-35 with paint in it.  the game timer is great for senario ball were the games are timed because it alerts u a minute  and then 30 seconds till the game ends.  i play speedball and a big pro with this hopper is the sleek design.  kingman desided to make it longer lengh wise than width wise so it has a tight profile...great loader and pefect for everyone!!!!!!! trust me!!

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pretty good hopper February 8, 2009
Reviewer: Cody from Owensboro  
this hopper is really good it fits perfect on my spyder vs2 but is only goes like 27 bps but i only shoot at 13 or 15 bps so it keeps up and i never broke any paint with it its really light and huge but when u look at it its not really that big

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Fast BIG Price February 4, 2009
Reviewer: Josh Warnick from kaysville, UT United States  
30 bps un heard of for the price it is it will feed anything you put on it, its huge 230 round capacity never have a problem in one hopper games strap this bad boy on and boom get 30 more shots or even 60 more shots, i use this primarily on my Spyder Mr2 and i will tell you i went through 5  hoppers before this one came to me and it keeps up great the other 4 didn't skips the anti-chop system came on terrible so if your gun shoots fast and you can't set it down this is the way to go if your gun can be set up slower then go with a hopper where your going to be shooting at 15 bps halo b 25 bps halo b v35, fasta, anything faster Dyr rotor or the Draxxus Pulse in RF mode (own Both, both are CRAZY!!!)  back to fasta amazing for almost everything who needs to shoot faster then 25 bps or for that matter 18 bps

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