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Just wow. January 17, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
This gat is fantastic. Right out the box the gun is perfect. The trigger is to die for, it just rocks, its snappy and you can shoot ropes. the board is fantastic in this marker, its easy to program and easy to understand. Maintenance is simple and super easy. Sure the gun is a bit louder than a Geo, and sure is has a bit more kick. But seriously, its worth it.

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like butter October 4, 2011
Reviewer: garrett from Orlando, FL United States  
Im beyond satisfied with my ego 11. I have been getting different brands of guns for years now and now that I got this marker im a planet eclipse fanboy. Its shoots like butter and it cuts through the competiton like butter as well. 5 stars for the best marker I've ever owned in my 8 years of playing paintball

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Super smooth! July 16, 2011
Reviewer: Bart Lyons from Perry, FL United States  
This gun is a breeze to shoot, and simple to clean and maintain. Its got a lot of settings, but once you understand them it makes it more functional.

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Awsomness February 21, 2011
Reviewer: Jon from Cheney , WA United States  
Before I begin this review I should let you know that before I had shot Dye Markers from 2006-present. Now transitiong into a Planet Eclipse gun let alone a Ego 11 was a bit unnerving for me being is I had never played with one before. But my Ego 11 showed the day of practice never got a chance to open it grabed it along with everything else that came with that delivery and went to practice I literally opened my package up 10minutes before practice was supposed to start put in the setting I wanted psp 3 shot and my rof and that was it. I have never had a marker straight out of the box perform the way this Ego did, and I was shooting some really brittle paint and I never broke a ball. The only issue I had that day was my brand new prophecy not being set to my ego. If your looking for something dependable, and straight out of the box to blow your mind on what a paintball marker can do then the ego 11 is it.

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Best Gun I Have Ever Shot NO JOKE!!! February 7, 2011
Reviewer: -DRE- from sugarland, TX United States  
i have owned plenty of guns over the years every thing from autocockers to ions to minis and angels, this would have to be the greatest gun i have ever shot its amazing, the accuracy of it compared to the mini with upgrades, or even the angel with a stiffi or a deadly wind barral is no contest the ROF is also amazing, if you have the money get it you will not regret it

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OH MY GOD December 2, 2010
Reviewer: LCpl Marc Auger aka Frenchie from MCAS Yuma, Arizona, United States  
My Ego11 came in yesterday. Right out of the box you feel it's lightness & the stick of the grips! You awe at the color (I got the Ashes 2, which btw has a sick blood red color to it). It's lengthy but its balanced perfectly. The trigger is 1mm forward and 1mm back travel distance makes for the most perfect stock trigger ever! Then you air it up! There is like no kick to it what-so-ever!  Absolutely amazing. I went out to our field and I aimed down range and opened her up and didn't stop firing until 11 pods were gone!  Lets do the math.  Dye Locklid = 180-200 rounds (depending on how you pack them) and a Dye Rotor w/ high cap holds 250. (180-200 x 11) + 250 = 2230-2450 Do you get what I am saying!? I carried out a case and a quarter of paint with a stock 2011 EGO and ran it through in 3 minutes!  Could you imagine that in a tournament (minus the concerns for the cost of paint, lol) Thank you Planet Eclipse and thank you ansgear!
Semper Fidelis

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