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BEST GUN EVAR October 10, 2014
Reviewer: I ain't telling you! from SOmewhere high over the rainbow  
Just got this Etha a few weeks ago. Best gun ever!!!!!! I've shot a proto rail as my first gun a g5 as my second. Thisis my third and i have to say that this thing is so smooth and accurate I can ping a guy from my base all the way to his base which is some thing like 50-75 meters

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Love this gun May 2, 2014
Reviewer: Colby Duvall from Amarillo, TX United States  
I've had my Etha almost a year now and I love this thing. I love the way it feels in my hands.  I love the way it shoots. The trigger is fine. I don't really walk the trigger but when I need to it is fully capable of doing the job.  Switching firing modes is a snap.  I recently purchased an 06 Ego. After playing with it most of the day I decided it was time to switch back to the Etha.  I was surprised at how much better my Etha performed than the Ego. I understand it's an 06 but still. I'm only giving it 4 stars because I had a problem with my poppet. But Planet Eclipse being who they are, hooked me up with quick customer support and since it was under warrenty, a new poppet for free. If you're looking for a great beginner gun, than look no further than the Etha. Same great quality you'd expect from Planet Eclipse but for about half the price.

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great gun February 4, 2014
Reviewer: Vinny from North Brunswick, NJ United States  
I've had this gun since sometime around September so roughly four or five months. And I love it. The gun shoots straight and smooth. A lot of people say the trigger sucks but it really doesn't. Just adjust it to your preference and it'll be an amazing trigger. Extremely easy to maintain and keep up with. The board is really easy to program too. My buddy got a mini a few weeks before I got my etha and they're both great guns. The etha feels a lot better in my hands though and I like how it comes stock with everything you'd need. My buddy spent a pretty penny on his mini to get it up to his liking, much more accurate barrel, foregrip extender, asa, etc. I didn't have to spend anything on my etha so that's a plus. All in all I highly recommend the etha. It's a great gun and a great deal for the money. Plus you have the support of PE if you ever need them.

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Good Gun January 17, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Madison, WI United States  
shoots nice and has features from 1000 dollar guns.

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Thoughts on the ETHA December 26, 2013
Reviewer: Josh McCulligh from Ingersoll, ON Canada  
Hey just got my Planet Eclipse Etha last month in march I am very happy with it. So far have played one tournament with it and shot a case threw it and no breaks whats so ever. My friend just got a etek lt and he says the etha shoots a lot straighter if your deciding between the two. A little bit of kick but you get use to it other then that no complaints, the 'ting' everyone talks about never noticed it, great feedneck, and for barrel you really don't need a new one unless you wanna spend the money I used the stock barrel for the tournament and loved how accurate it was but still haven't tried it with my CP kit so im sure it will make a difference but out of the box it's incredible. I highly recommend it.

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Great little marker December 26, 2013
Reviewer: Erik Pacheco from El Paso, TX United States  
Shoots amazing. There really isn't any noticeable kick, once you start paying and your adrenaline kicks in you don't notice it. Trigger is easy to walk. It might be a little loud, but only when you focus on the noise. Played both speedball and recball and just shot smoothly and accurately. It has nice ergonomics in my opinion. I can get tight behind a bunker and snap with ease. Although the frame is made of plastic. This stuff is strong. My foot slipped as I was diving for snake and my gripframe slammed a little hard on the dirt, but nothing happened to it. Easy to turn on/off. Very easy to maintain. The case is a bit big, kind of like the size of a laptop, but it keeps your stuff organized and safe. But if you are wondering wether or not this gun is a deal. It is, do not hesitate to buy, you will not be  dissapointed. Remember it is not the gun, but the determination and skill that make a great player.

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Excellent December 24, 2013
Reviewer: Brian C. from LA, Ca  
I got this gun back in January and I absolutely love it. Everything about it is awesome. Its very efficient/ consistent, feels great in the hands and its very reliable. This is definitely the best mid-range marker available right now. If you're a regular weekend player this is the perfect gun for you. I would even suggest this to tournament players on a budget.

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ETHA FTW December 23, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Teh moon  
i got an etha for christmas and i LOVE IT. Right out of the box i screwed in an air tank and the first 3 shots where 261 260 262. The only thing you need to be aware of are the composet parts. You dont really notice them buy i reccomend getting a new feed neak. This is defenetly the best gun for under $400. Forget the mini, DP g4 and g5, gog,ions Just buy this. Its also planet eclipse and it comes with a hudge parts kit. And great costomer service

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almost perfect December 1, 2013
Reviewer: Tom Bane from Dover, NH United States  
Amazing for the price. Keep in mind its not a Geo3. however its still surprisingly accurate and smooth. As to be expected from any Planet Eclipse gun, it is an incredible value. the trigger comes stock somewhat stiff but after adjusting, it is very comfortable and easy to walk. mine really doesn't like the cold, once the temperature drops below 60f it begins to get first shot drop off, this effect gets worse and worse as the temperature decreases. Planet Eclipse has told me that it is simply the cold weather affecting the battery. after replacing the battery the problem was resolved for a short while than started again. For some reason batteries die very quickly in an Etha when it gets cold. other than that the gun performs beautifully, i would highly recommend this gun to anyone.

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Had it a year and its soooo good. November 5, 2013
Reviewer: cj from usa  
I've had this gun for a year and I have yet to have a problem. This gun fires so smoothly and is very quiet as well. Taking care of this gun is super simple pulling out the bolt is so easy.

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