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Proto Reflex 2013 January 6, 2014
Reviewer: asen from malaysia  
Great gun.i bought this last year from a friend and i also bought a cf boomstick for this improve a lot from the stock barrel.its a heavy duty marker.havent have any major problem.solenoid was leak just few months back.i turn down the fps to 275.and the problem is can definitelyyyyyy use this for your local tournament.just put in a good barrel and you are good to go! heavier than etek 3 n etha.but reflex feels more solid and sturdy when you hold on to the marker.its worth the pricetag.

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Reflex Vs. Etek 4 August 9, 2012
Reviewer: Alien from Andromena Galaxy  
The reflex rail is good shot my friends quite yes, smooth yes, efficient no. The etek 4 is quite just about as quite as this more efficient, accurate, and just about an ego while the reflex rail compares to dm's nt's that go down a lot. I understand the etek is a poppet and reflex is a spool go with the axe if you want a spool. Etek for poppet in this price range.

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Well worth the money if you want a spool gun. June 11, 2012
Reviewer: Jared from Lake Charles, LA United States  
This is what you want if you want smooth, accurate, and quiet. My friends tell me they cant tell where I'm at on the field because the gun is so quiet. I compare to the Eteks with cure bolts... things are loud. The gun is very accurate will shoot ropes with good paint. Do your research this gun handles very similar to eteks with the cure bolt the kick is about the same maybe a little smoother. The  efficiency is lacking compared to the poppet guns but has never given me any problems I might shoot 500 balls max in a game where I play. The  trigger is the only con. The thing needs magnets. The Empire axe has the best trigger out of the group by far. But the reflex is not bad. IF you play ramp it doesn't even matter, But if you play a lot of semi auto the axe may suit your need better.Keep the gun clean its easy to maintain if you can count to two. Overall good gun love mine. Do your research and buy what feels good to you.

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Can't Afford $1200 Dye Gun? Get This February 27, 2012
Reviewer: Marco from Venice, CA United States  
This gun is great for your buck, it has most of the items that the DM/NT guns have. Out of the box gun is very accurate, also probably little more quieter than the etek 3. If your upgrading to this gun from a Proto Rail, you will notice the difference. Also maintenance on this gun is really easy.
Upgrade thoughts: Barrel
                              Dye Regulator w/ Grip (same Hyper 3 Dye has but it has a better grip over it. Not sure if its compatible)

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2012 proto reflex rail January 6, 2012
Reviewer: zack from lowell, IN United States  
All i can say is its simply amazing. It completely dominates the etek 3 and empire axe. And its got all the higher technology in it like the eye pipe, hyper 3 reg, reach triger, fuse bolt, ultralight frame, lockdown clamping feedneck, and the dye ultralight on off asa. Its an amazing gun and all those parst i just listed are on the dm12 and nt which means the gun is going to perform outstanding, and it does!

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