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Profits September 14, 2014
Reviewer: ENTER NAME from ENTER HOME  
I use  this mask for a few weeks at my local field and I'd have to say, they really don't live up to their price tag. This mask fogs every game I play with it and even when I just stand up and ref, the mask still fogs. Plus, whenever I'm yelling to somebody on my team to cover me or yelling at some kid to keep his mask on, my voice echoes in my ears two times louder than my voice normally sounds. Overall, don't get this mask. With that kind of money, you can buy a good mask, so don't waste it on this piece of junk. I decided to get some grillz just so I wouldn't have to put up with this mask any more. Money can't buy you happiness, but it can at least buy you a better mask than this.

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sly profit June 18, 2012
Reviewer: Aron Shepley from Raynham, MA United States  
This mask is amazing!  Its exceedingly comfortable. I tried on several high end masks ( dye i4 and empire eflex) and decided on this. The padding in the ear is fantastic amd the foam/padding around the eyes is great too and absorbs all your sweat keeping it from your eyes. Never fogged once. I disagree with the last guy that they are hard to hear, but agree that others had a hard time hearing me (but i dont yell all that loud either). Goggles mouth area isnt well ventilated either like others have said.
Really easy to clean and take apart.
Recommend this product to everyone!

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sly profit August 17, 2011
Reviewer: Alberto Silva from conroe, TX United States  
ok, to be honest with you guys this mask is very good looking..but the performance is not so well..if you play recball sure go for it and buy this mask, but if you play competitive or if your on a team..DO NOT get it..this mask is kind of hard to breathe in and also which is the reason i gave it 2 stars is because you CANNOT HEAR ANYTHING WITH THE MASK ON, AND ALSO PEOPLE CANT HEAR YOU! THE MASK IS DESIGNED TO WHERE IT ECHOS BACK TO YOU EARS..this mask is comfortable thats one thing..but yea the yelling is ot soo good its because of the huge ear muffs it has you cant hear anything or yell anything to your team..i abslutely despise this mask and i recomment the i4's by a landslide

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NO FOG IN 100% HUMIDITY 95 DEGREES July 26, 2011
Reviewer: Ryan B. from Texas, U.S.  
I like in East Texas... its hot and humid... disgusting i know, if you live in houston, dallas, austin, or nearby cities, you know what im talking about. i go out to play paintball for a day, im sweating up a storm, absolutely no fog or condensation on the lens... my sweat drips down my face and soaks the lovely velvet covered foam and amazingly comfy earpads, but i have perfect unredtricted vision through the mask... no fog whatsoever.

ive played with proflexes, grillz, events, and tried on i4s(too small for me) and for me,


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Best mask EVER!!!!!!! July 19, 2011
Reviewer: alex garay from baldwin park, CA United States  
this mask is great!!! i love everything about it but just one tiny problem, the venting. I didnt care about it as much and i got used to it already so no problem anymore.... overall i give it five stars! oh and its also very confortable

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With this mask you have to compromise... October 7, 2010
Reviewer: vwgangsta from Long Beach, CA United States  
Clearly it's one of the best looking masks in the market. And if you like looking bad-ass and getting some form of recognition than this is your mask. You just have to deal with the venting and fitment(maybe). The foam around the eyes will soak up some sweat and eventually drip down on the inside part of the lens. You also have to have a sort of long face/head, because the ear cushions sit pretty far back on the mask so they tend to crush your earlobe between the mask and your own head. To me its a minor thing as I have grown used to these issues. Specially during the game/battle. It's afterwords as you walk out of the field that you are gonna rush out to lift up your mask so you can catch a breath of fresh air. All in all I still give it 4 stars because its the venting issue that I wish they would've spent more time into. Although that's a really is a big issue to some, it only bothers me as I'm walking out of the field after an intense game.

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Awesome mask September 18, 2010
Reviewer: cesar damiani from apo, AP United States  
This mask great has a comfartible fit withou scarficing any visaiblity. With the double straps and chin strap stays secure espcially sense i'am a runner oon the field and thats very important to me

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