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Works for original ion with mods. April 21, 2013
Reviewer: Bobby from Ky  
Got this in yesterday. Fit my original ion but held the power button down constantly. Had to clip off some of the plastic and file down a couple parts to get it to function correctly. All together it probably took me 15 minutes. 10 times better than the stock button once you get it to work correctly.

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Best ION mod out there April 16, 2013
Reviewer: Israel from miami , FL United States  
I absolutely HATE stock ion power buttons. One of these happened to come with an ion xe i received in a gearbag sale, after that i immediately ordered one for my GFs ion xe. Turning it on/off is sooooo easy now, you can "Feel" when your depressing the button!

WHEN INSTALLING; note that you MUST completely clean off the original power buttons glue. Make sure your board is properly installed. When its time to put the button in, loosen up the upper right grip screw, since these usually tend to push the board towards the power button. Once the button is in place, make sue the right upper grip screw is properly tightened and is the right screw size since the button depends on it to push the board up.

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easy to install July 20, 2012
Reviewer: ramon garza from austin, TX United States  
You have to remove the sticker button and side in the left side first then snap on the right side.

Now they have to make one for the marker board to change setting without breaking the bank.

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excellent May 18, 2012
Reviewer: robert from United States  
this button was easy to install and it really easy to turn on your gun.

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This should come stock with the gun! April 15, 2012
Reviewer: W from Brooklyn, NY United States  
A must have!

As for the person who took their gun apart several times and had to squeeze the piece in... I'm positive you put the piece in wrong.
To put this button on your gun you simply peel off the old button, (this is the hardest step!) then take the new button orient it so that the "longer" side is on the left. Then stick the longer side into the hole, and push the right side in. you're done! I don't think you even need to take the gun apart.

it really does click just like a mouse button. And it clicks easily (possibly too easily) even with gloves on! I hated having to take my gloves off to turn my gun off after each game.
The only bad thing I could say about this is that it seems like it may be able to pop out. I don't think it will... but it might be able to! lol, and it might be a little too easy to push, I've only had it a few days and already accidentally turned my gun on at least 4 times.
it also does work with a virtue board, put both in a gun today.

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GREAT BUTTON December 2, 2011
Reviewer: Jesus Santos from Riverside, CA United States  
I LOVE THIS THING!!! I read the reviews multiple times before buying it and after i bought it i kind of regretted it due to what the reviews said, but man am i glad i did!! it is very small and at first i thought it would be too big and it took me a while before finding out how to install it(which you put it in through the front and not through the back) but once i did i rushed to put my ion and tried it out... its really IS like a mouse click... very very easy to turn my gun on and am i glad i bought this! works great i highly recommend it

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50/50 November 27, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from mahopac, NY United States  
this power button sounds great cuz your original button is awful but this one only works for so long. the one i got kept getting stuck in and all the adjustments wouldn't prevent it. although a smart parts item ,dosnt work. some say it works i didn't like it. its a toss up.

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Didnt work November 17, 2011
Reviewer: Victor Smyrnow from Fayetteville, NC United States  
Button didnt come with instructions but i figured it out. I guess it would be a cool upgrade if it worked like it said it would. Not like a mouse click and didnt work with my virtue board. Good thing it was cheap...

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A Small, But Effective Upgrade November 24, 2010
Reviewer: Eri Berri from Waipahu, Hawaii  
I purchased this button for one sole reason only because my original button was completely worn out and found it very frustrating just to turn it on....
This button with the virture board just makes this button the answer to my prayers when it comes to simple adjustment of settings....and at this price, how can you not get it?

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Mouse button November 16, 2010
Reviewer: Dino from THESSALONIKI, Thessaloniki Greece  
If you have an ion and the stock button gives you trouble, then this cheap button is the one for you. It really clicks like a mouse button so you won't have any probem switching you gun on and you can easily see what mode your gun is on. However the fit is not perfect so if you install it on its own you'll probably be getting paint on your board after a few games. Cutting a round portion of the stock button and then installing tis one would solve your problems.

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