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Buy it March 25, 2011
Reviewer: cory brossard from new baltimore, MI United States  
I bought this back in 05 still using it on the field and my front line gun.

it takes a beating and loves it this gun is great if you clean it (which is very simple) and oil it, the gun will go for a long time

people always comment on the gun saying it looks great and the other team says it hurts and wants me to switch sides so I'd say it rates high in fear factor and looks

Love it and I say if you got the cash it's very worth it

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Solid Marker February 25, 2009
Reviewer: Patrick   from St. Paul, MN United States  
This is a solid marker, at a good price.  With it's destructive power and ease-of-use and maintenance, this marker and make the new players to the experienced scenario players happy.  

I personally got this with a Response Trigger, which allows for manual control over faster shooting speeds.  (Shoots fast without the use of an electronic trigger, look it up.)

One word of caution, this package comes with a flatline barrel, and they are picky, but godly on the field if set up right.  It likes to be set at a certain speed and loves slightly higher grade paint.  Look up the details and keep that in mind.

With the addition of a remote line and an indestructible stock, adds a great feel and look.   It gets rid of the annoying back weight of a bottle on the marker and allows you to put that weight elsewhere.

In conclusion: amazing marker, my choice for woodsball.

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Good marker February 2, 2009
Reviewer: Tommy Stouffer from Mechanicsburg, PA United States  
This is a better version of the A5. It's got a stock already and a remote line already set up. It's got all the stuff the regular A5 had but it looks cooler. If you have the money get this one. It has a better barrel (flatline) which makes it really nice. I love playing woodsball and everyone looks at your gun and says "that's a sweet looking gun" It's reliable and durible. Buy it if you want.

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get this gun February 2, 2009
Reviewer: Jew22 from Niceville, FL United States  
you really HAVE to get this gun. it is, simply put, freaking awesome! the flatline barrel r@pes. it gives you 100 extra feet of flat shooting. that means from 250 feet you can snipe that dick that is sitting in the back on the other team, just lobbing bathtubs full of paint at your team. also the WAS E trigger really does help a lot. the modes on it are semi, 3 shot burst, "" ramping, and turbo.

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Great gun at a great price! February 22, 2008
Reviewer: Nocktis from Missoula, MT United States  
Ansgear has the best price for this gun hands down.  Before I purchased one I scoured the internet including ebay trying to get the best deal possible.  I just received my A-5 Stealth today and I'm VERY happy.  The flatline barrel is perfect for those long shots and the gun is extremely comfortable.  I would suggest getting a gun sling as the flatline can seem a little heavy after holding it up for several hours.

If you want a high end gun at a great price, this is a great choice.  As I said before, no point looking else where, Ansgear has the best price and fastest shipping, order it today!

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Best Scenario Gun January 17, 2008
Reviewer: Nathan  Bohm from Austin, TX United States  
I started with a base gun and worked my way up to this setup. It is great the range is 200-250ft crazy far! It fits anyones arm length great because of the six position sliding stock, and it is lighter because the tank is on your back. Only thing that could be better is the option of other triggers.

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Perfect Woodsball Scenario Gun January 13, 2008
Reviewer: Fasternu from Rochester, MN United States  
The Tippmann A5 looks fierce, is dependable and with the cyclone feeder works very well.  The Tippmann A5 can be treated roughly and be put away wet and will still work.  This is why rentals are all Tippmans, they are reasonably priced and work practically forever without much maintenance.  they are however easy to take apart and maintain.  

You have the look of a formadable weapon and can customize virtually every part of the gun.  With a electronic trigger it has been used in speedball, but air consumption is high so its really more of a woods ball type weapon.   With the stealth kit you do get the electronic trigger with 3 ball ramping which will shoot as fast as 15bps with a qev.  

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THE STEALTH REVIEW January 12, 2008
Reviewer: Ryan McElroy from Stratford, NJ United States  
The Tippmann A-5� Stealth Marker is top of the line. Its patented Cyclone Feed System links the feeder sprocket to the air system, giving it the power to unleash a fury of balls as fast as you can fire them. The Tippmann A-5 Stealth Marker also includes a collapsible stock kit, the patented Flatline Barrel attachment, which creates backspin for longer, straighter shots, and a remote hoseline attachment. It can also be completely stripped and reassembled in the field in 60 seconds - without tools.
With its all aluminum die cast receiver and extra-sturdy black finish, the Tippmann A-5� Stealth Marker is not only high end, but also one of the toughest markers available. Other features include a shock-absorbing end cap for reduced wear and recoil; front-cocking knob, which allows for a fully enclosed receiver; and a 200-round wide-mouth hopper. In addition, it can be upgraded with many different accessories.

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