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stock March 31, 2014
Reviewer: A1catraz from welland  
Buy a stock this gun feels terrible without one with one however it feels more like a rifle its a 98 custom with a body kit i have the new 98 and the parts from a 98 fit in this gun the stock barrel looks fine but when i put any different one in it looks like its bent shooting to the right idk if thats just mine and the feedneck is only for this marker you cant get a cyclone you have to use this spesific feedneck for 100$ plus a cheap stock its a good starter gun

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wrong manual June 22, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
The manual manualthats available for download is for the alpha black not the carver one

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A reliable gun, and nothing more August 31, 2012
Reviewer: Spyder Noob from Land of the Lost  
This gun really leaves something to be desired in terms of comfortability. where's the foregrip? Oh wait there is none. And even if you buy one, you practically have to be a giant for it to be comfortable. On the other hand, this gun is VERY reliable and will not have any problems. If you're a recreational player who is only going to paintball every once in a while, GET THIS GUN!

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Awesome April 23, 2012
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from SALT LAKE CITY, UT United States  
This gun is great but it needs to be broken i first to perform at its best But it is accurate and super reliable and consistent but you will want a stock for it


pretty much a big pistol
needs to be broken in
you might want a stock

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nice September 19, 2011
Reviewer: paintball from paintballville  
i got this gun i got grip and buttstock this is a great and it is great for beginners so if u can get it

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A Great Starter Marker August 26, 2011
Reviewer: Phantom Gett from Albany, NY United States  
Pros: Solid-Clam Shell means it's near indestructible, 98-Custom internals means you're getting tried and true performance, electronics ready if thats your thing, pretty consistent as far as 98-based markers go, astounding reliability in my friends case, Tac-Rails for expandability.

Cons: A bit heavy for the average speed-baller, my friend has had no problems with it though, 98-Custom/Clam Shell means maintenance can be a pain with springs flying everywhere, cannot accept a Cyclone Feed system as of yet due to a non-standard feed-neck retention system, standard Tippmann Air Efficiency, Integrated shroud limits barrel upgrades

Other Thoughts: This marker is phenomenal for $99.00. My friend, in 2 years, has never experienced a chop. Added an Apex Tip for more flexibility and an eggie for more reliable feed. A marker cannot come more highly recommended.

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this is great May 30, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
first off had not had a single brake in over 3 cases wonderful job i sujest getting a apex barrel for it at if all possible all in all great gun i sugest not taking it apart unless absolutly nessasary because it is so hard to put back together

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The Carver One! June 21, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Bonita Springs, FL United States  
Ok my field use's these! and they are supper accurate!! I got to use these for a test on the marker & it passed with flying colors! Accuracy is GREAT I was very impressed on this marker (Because I am used to my NXT Shocker in various games.)  It Doesn't compare to my $900.00 Upgraded Shocker in smoothness, Fastness, or Lightness but It'll put the paint on your target!

The Carver in are accuracy test could put 8-4 balls on target before they went all over the place...

Over all I'm giving the Carver a 5 because of Tippmann's Quality!

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Carver One March 11, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
I just got this gun and love it. It is accurate up to 100 to 150 feet or so. It is a simple setup that is very similair to the 98 custom, but cheaper. It looks great and handles well. Doesn't feel cheap and is very sturdy, no rattling or moving parts. The hopper attachment is odd however. It uses an allen wrench to tighten it and this is a little annoying. It feels great with both of my tanks on it, not unwieldy in the least bit. I do recomend getting a foregrip for it though. It is akward to hold without it. Thankfully I have a foregrip and it feels great with one on. The picatinny rails are great for adding options on to it, and I will probably take advantage of those. The hopper is offset so that it isnt in the line of sight and isnt hanging way off the gun either. Overall, no  real complaints, its an amazing gun for an ever better price. As always, Tippman has done a great job. If you like the 98 or are new, then this is highly recomended.

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