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Went through 2 pair August 30, 2014
Reviewer: Christopher Davis from Mustang, OK United States  
I went through 2 pair of these in a month. The first pair the seams on the cargo pocket and on the kneepad area just came unsewn after 2 uses. The second pair one of the seams on the kneepad just ripped after only 2 uses. So if you're looking for a pair of pants to last you once then these are the pants you want! If you're looking to get your money out of what you buy I would suggest almost any other brand.

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The Best Paintball Paints PERIOD! June 5, 2014
Reviewer: Antonio Reyes from Staten Island, NY United States  
I've used these pants for a very long time now in both woods ball and speed ball and i tell you, these pants work amazing for both styles of play. They are very light weight, very breathable, fit perfectly, have plenty of pockets for your tactical needs, and they look stylish and cool as well. I did have one issue with these pants though. The left thigh and cargo pocket ripped when i slid in the woods on some bark on the ground. However, I sent it to the cleaners for repairs for $12 and they came back perfectly fine! the thigh and the pocket was good as new and nothing has ever ripped since. Another issue that i don't find that big a deal either, especially since 90% of all paintball pants are like this, is that the knee's are not padded to protect the players knee's but to protect the integrity of the pants themselves so they last longer. That is a good thing however, make sure you where knee pads specifically for paintball if you don't want to hurt yourself.

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Best woodsball pants ever January 1, 2013
Reviewer: Vlad stoddard from bozeman, MT United States  
These pants are the best! There very nicely built, very breathable also very comfy. They have tons of huge pockets to store what ever you need to put in them.
I have no idea what is wrong with these people giving the bad reviews on these amazing pants.

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great product June 9, 2012
Reviewer: Stephen Winkler from Mexico, Distrito Federal Mexico  
I don't understand why the bad reviews. I got these along with the Sierra jersey for my son and for myself. We use them every weekend 15+ outings and these pants rock. Suuuuper confy, durable and very good quality. Don't think twice about geting these pants.

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Comfortable as heck February 7, 2012
Reviewer: Ryan W. AKA Brick from Renegade Kings from Belle Plaine, MN United States  
I can't attest for the durability just yet, as I only played one game in these, but  I did play a whole day of speedball in them and dove about 40 times during this day.

I have to say I was weary to purchase these at first because I have heard so much bad stuff about Valken from biased people.

the only paintball pants I had until this point were Special Ops Fusion Pants, and as soon as I put these Valken pants on I noticed the awesome construction, and fit. The hip, and knee pads are awesome, and much more thick than I expected them to be, the pants  have many gussets that make them stretch and move freely. These are a bar far higher quality pants than my spec ops pants that I used for years. I will be playing with these pants exclusively all year and will post an updated review after I get a few scenarios in with these.  So far they are excellent though, and I am no longer doubting my decision to try them.

So far they are great A+ to Valken for these.

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Valken V-cam pants January 30, 2012
Reviewer: Blake from IL, United States  
Overall they are nice pants and I wish I had gotten more use out of them for the the review before me said, I got about 6-7 outings (a couple of which were simple afternoon recball on turf and not a long scenario) and started to notice visible fraying and small tears near the seams. Around the 7th time wearing them I slid headfirst into a bunker, got shot, walked off and realized a 9" tear down the side large enough to reach down and stick my arm completely out. When I questioned Valken they told me I wasn't wearing them entirely correct...I've worn about 6-7 different pants over about 7 years from PE, Empire, Dye and standard military BDU's...I wear them all the same and none have ever ripped like these did.

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V-Tac Zulu Pants, V-Cam November 9, 2011
Reviewer: Elemere from Tallahassee, FL United States  
The first wear was during a fild clean-up day preparing for the games to come after a long HOT Summer of no playing.  They are very light, breathed better than BDU's, no swishing noising while walking about and were very comfortable.  At the moment, I give it a 4 star rating.

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Nice pants poorly constructed. September 9, 2011
Reviewer: Jon  
While they in theory are nice pants with all the mesh and padding they don't really hold up.  after less than 5 outings with these pants I have 2 holes in the mesh as well as a large patch of fraying.  The zipper also broke off.  They have a very short warranty at Valken also.

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