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VERY high contrast! September 12, 2012
Reviewer: Jonathan Luke Ziegler "Delta 9" from Tiskilwa, IL United States  
Amplifies low light, but confuses the eye as far as colors like reds, greens and blues. Could see some possible mistakes regarding friendly fire if you're using armbands to distinguish friend-foe, lol.

Haven't used these in a game yet, but don't anticipate any problems, just take some getting used to the color issue. Antifog coating seems pretty good for a single pane lens. Just be VERY careful wiping ANY Grill lense. Don't use ANY goggle cleaners or cloth wipes like microfiber, you WILL scratch the lens coating. Use ONLY COOL water, hot/warm water causes the finish to bubble, crack and peel.

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Must Have February 17, 2011
Reviewer: PROLIFIC from Australia  
If you own grillz buy this lens.

Perfect for low light/indoor.

It makes everything appear brighter and balls are  more visible leaving your gun and coming towards you.

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Nicee February 17, 2011
Reviewer: Outrigger880 from Easton, PA United States  
Add brightness like crazy. Distort color a little, so if you use colored bands to tell teams, eh.... Only issue is that the coating is messed up, not sure if the paint ate at it, or the lcd screen cleaner i used ruined it. Thought good for lcd good for hard plastic... who knows.

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Great for lower light and lower contrast February 3, 2009
Reviewer: Chris from Lafayette, IN United States  
I have amber lenses for both of my VForce goggles.  They work really well for woodsball, especially when the light gets low or there are overcast skies.  The amber really helps at increasing contrast in the lower light.  The only thing that could be better for the VForce masks would be a High Definition lens like Dye makes for their Invision mask series.  I really love the High Def lenses, as I think they do a better job at increasing contrast and it doesnt make everything a lot brighter like the amber lenses do.  Like I said before, I have one of these for both sets of VForce googles I have along with the clear one that came with them.  Great for outdoors, lower light use.

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Great for dusk and after dark!! January 24, 2008
Reviewer: Nathan  Bohm from Austin, TX United States  
These are great for scenarios where you play into the night a they take anylight and magnifies it so that you can see better. You can still wear them during the day and they will help but get a mirrored or smoke one for the daylight hours. With the quick switch system changing lenses is no longer a big deal!

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Fantastic view January 10, 2008
Reviewer: Konstantinos Konstantinidis from XANTHI, Thrace Greece  
I have been playing paintball for a year now and my last mask was also a V-Force so i do not really have much experience. Nonetheless I bought this lens out of curiosity as to what part the amber color would play. The outcome was magnificent. Every object and every little movement are much clearer. Moreover since most of the time we play in the woods one would expect my overweight body perspiration to cause the lens to fog. No such thing happens. And whats more It is even better indoors. This is the best lens ever.

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