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Don't Buy anything Else! December 17, 2013
Reviewer: HERC from Biloxi, MS United States  
Im 5'10" 180LBS and when I excersize I sweat. Add that to the fact that I play in south Louisiana and you get the idea of how nasty one can get during a days play. So lets start with the GOODs. This mask looks great. Vents Great. I DONT have the issue of the foam padding pushing my nostrils closed giving the sense of claustrophobia like I get with other masks.  The field of vision is AMAZING....almost forget that you are wearing a mask and The standard Lens does a Very Great Job of NOT FOGGING. Ok now off to the BADs (VERY minor to me maybe a big deal to you). The Lenses, as great as they are do scratch farely easy and after about 7-8 outings they will begin to loose their ability to prevent fogging but by then the lenses are scratched to the point that its time to be replaced anyhow. Like I stated before these BADs are minor to me and small beans in comparison to the outstanding comfort and field of view you get with this mask. GET IT!

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Great Mask August 29, 2013
Reviewer: Frank Ramirez from Oxnard, CA United States  
I have been using Vforce mask for years, these are the most comfortable mask ever . I went through just about every one on the market, +10 for Vforce all the way. If you have a a bigger profile face then this is the mask for you don't waste your $ on the other brands get this one.

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Great Mask July 24, 2013
Reviewer: Dave from Battle Creek, MI United States  
I have had the Grillz for about 7 Months now and all the reviews are spot on. They rarely fog and they are extremely comfortable. The quick change lenses and frame are what really make this mask stand out. The only issue I had is the Headband slot. I made the fatal error of grabbing the mask off my head without loosening the strap first. Causing a tear in the left strap slot. I immediately grabbed my trusty super glue and mended the tear. And to this day it has not seperated even after playing and running through the woods. Get this mask if you can afford it. It will be the best purchase you will ever make.

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perfect April 29, 2013
Reviewer: Vince from Delaware  
This mask is freaking awsome. Fits great does not fog and very very comfortable. I highly, highly recommend this mask. Buy it and you wont be sorry!

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LOVE IT June 25, 2012
Reviewer: Wayne Brooks from Leander, TX United States  
This was my first V-force mask and I love it. Its lightweight and really really comfortable. When I first saw it i fell in love. It's as good if not better than it looks in the pictures. Then when I went to go use it for the first time i fell even harder for this mask. In the 106 degree humid heat of Texas, there was no fogging and great ventilation. So if you need a fantastic mask, i HIGHLY recommend this mask.

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grill December 8, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Bratislava, Bratislava Slovakia  
this mask is very light, quick change lenses, comfortable, and also low profile.

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This Mask Owns November 6, 2011
Reviewer: Polak from The Woodlands, TX United States  
Ive played pball for 13 years in humid Houston, Tx, and Ive always had issues with mask fogging. Ive now owned the Vforce Grills for a year, i play at least 2 Saturdays a month and have attended 2 all day scenario games in this time. This mask does not fog, thats a gurantee. My first scenario game with this mask i watched my team mates wiping their lenses constantly battling fog, and i was totally clear. I would recommend if u play woods alot getting yellow lenses. I bought the Vforce brand replacement yellow lenses, and They really help track movement in the woods.

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Grill August 26, 2011
Reviewer: Davis from San Antonio, TX, United States  
The V-Force Grill is a amazing mask! If you wear glasses it is actually comfortable to wear while playing. I have had my grill for just over a year now with no problems. If you wear glasses under your mask or just need a new mask, the Grill is a perfect mask in invest in.

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Awsome mask February 17, 2011
Reviewer: Outrigger880 from Easton, PA United States  
Love it. Fits perfectly, chind strap is nice... Yes I use it. Pair it with a DYE doo rag, place the forehead pad under the mask cushion, and the mesh under the head band. And that mask isnt moving all day.

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V-Force Grillz February 14, 2009
Reviewer: Mike M. from Cherry Hill, NJ United States  
I purchased the V-Force Grillz a few months after its release. I was initially inclined to go with the tried and true JT Proflex, but after trying on the Grillz, I was sold.

After well over a year of use, I see no reason to purchase a different mask. The Grillz hold up very well in all conditions and are incredibly easy to maintain due to every part being replaceable. I've used the mask in 100*+ and below freezing weather, and everything in between. Never have I had a problem with fogging, except in extreme humidity.

To highlight a few key features of the Grillz:

-Quick-change lens, with very wide peripheral view
-Quick-change foam (Very convenient during those summer days)
-Small profile (using the visor offers a little more forehead protection)
-Soft rubber, so you will get a lot of bounces
-Very comfortable

So if you're looking for a new mask and not sure where to look, definitely check out the Grillz. Of the masks currently made, they're easily among the best.

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