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Dangerous Power FX!!!! January 21, 2012
Reviewer: Magill Bauerle from Athens, GA United States  
This gun shoots amazing straight out of the box! After you shoot a few cases it gets even better! The stock OLED board is amazing with every feature,shooting modes, and cheater modes! The gun is great I would definitely reccomend it over the etek 3 lt

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Gas sipping GREAT gun. May 27, 2011
Reviewer: SPAWNHERO from Central, IL United States  
Don't work your way up to a marker like this, save your money use the mech till you have the cash to get an FX. I can get two/three BIG games and four pods and a full hopper on each game on a 68/45 tank. The OLED board is simple to figure out just read the instructions before using it (for once in your life). The RAPS asa on almost all DP guns including the FX is one of the easiest and user friendly asa's.  the switchblade trigger is nice to find your fastest pull and have the option of changing between for more accuracy/self control. Side note the barrel back out the box is not the 690/691 that the reviews state, mine came out the box with 689. I'll say, though, with paint running smaller it's actually nice. The accuracy is NUTS,  from a "castle" position I kept a team of 15 back at bay by getting the angle right and keeping the balls landing in a 2ft circle where ever they tried to get to. Obviously tighter pattern without the fly ball effect, but not any less impressive.

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i'd buy it for 700 January 4, 2011
Reviewer: get the fx over any mid ranged gun from alameda, CA United States  
this gun is perfect for anyone everyone has said that the oled board is hard to learn and it's not at all u don't even need the manual it's much easier to use than a bunch of colors u have to memorize this gun is everything that they say it's not and more it' accurate super quiet easy to maintenance great air efficency smooth nice trigger quite strong and looks very slick i wouldn't think about buying a etek 3 for one second theres nothing better about the etek 3 it's got nothing on the fx

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etek 3 vs. FX September 5, 2010
Reviewer: tim from wichita, KS United States  
ok so i have owned both these markers for a couple months now probaly shot about 10 cases through both and i have to say that i like my FX better tham my etek 3. one because of the great stok oled board which is just awsome like the stock SR board. two it is noticeable lighter and shoots faster. they are both just as accurate however the etek is a bit smoother just because it's not a spring return. the trigger on the FX is better it has a nice crisp feel where as the etek is all loose and wobbles side to side. i also have the cure3+ and zick two in the etek. PE is a great company and makes awsome stuff but i gotta give it to DP this marker is amazing for the price right up i prefer it to my ego9 so ya if you on that etek FX fence get the FX it a great buy and always a conversation starter at the field evevyone love it!

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FX June 26, 2010
Reviewer: Delaney O'Dell from Topeka, KS United States  
this gun shoots consistently and where you put it. poppet design is so easy to clean and fix if your retarted and turn off eyes and then chop balls. trigger is great with the dual trigger design, and ease of pulling it will make you go through some serrious paint. surprisingly strong frame and barrel (face planted after issue with a tree root and it went flyin) gun stood up to it without even a scratch. awesome gun for the price.....BUY IT!!!

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DP FX Fusion June 21, 2010
Reviewer: BaySick from United States  
Yo everyone who gave this gun a bad review and not even ever shot a Fusion ... I currently have a F7 in orence color rare color under 50 made and this gun shoots ropes ... i rate it as good as my fully up NXT and my Nerve ...I hope to pick up the FX when the rare colors are let out of the factory ... but if its anything like my F7 its never done me wrong and always there when ever my nxt acts up ... and shit my nxt had more problems out of the box i had to fully up it to get rid of the problems and i still got problems with air now and finishing up with air should fix it but my F7 never failed me so if u can afford a fx u should pick it up its cheeper than a new cheep ego aka etek

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DP are the best! May 24, 2010
Reviewer: Fahad Almoneyea from kuwait, mishref  
DP is the best Mid range Guns you will shoot with!
if you didn't try it! DON'T Judge it!
I used a G3 Spec-R and Rev-i and both ROCKS! I think this one will consume less air! coz, of the popit valve design!

we will see what Mike at will say about it, or others who gonna use it!

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