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PewPewPew March 26, 2014
Reviewer: The Black Hand from Austin, TX United States  
First new marker coming back into the game after several years absence.  Great gun, great upgrades, ok trigger but overall the best in the midrange section that I've tried. Slap on a GTI board, a Violent trigger, and a barrel kit of some nature onto one of these beasts, and you've really got yourself a hard to beat gun outside of much more moola.  Or leave it stock and be in the same situation with spending even less. The upgrades are not needed.

Looking to come back into the game at midrange, I bought Macdev instead of the Axe which 99.99% of people in the same category seem to buy and am thrilled. I play at a pretty popular and busy field and one of the best things about the gun is that no one knows wtf it is. I get constant questions and compliments.

It shoots ropes of pure hatred all day, is fairly efficient and hasn't given me an issue yet after several months of heavy play. First time but life long MacDev customer.

And now they're $, just get it already.

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Axe or Drone? My Choice. March 11, 2014
Reviewer: Cameron Vaezinia from Vacaville, CA United States  
I have had the drone for little over a month now. I purchased it from ANSgear, before i joined my local team. I was forced to sell this marker, and get an axe. The Drone to me was very efficient, and overall, the best intermediate marker in my opinion.

I Love my axe to death, but if i would have the chance. The Drone DX is the way to go.

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Macdev drone dx August 15, 2013
Reviewer: Dylan  
I love this it's sexy quite,efficient,light ect if your thinking about an axe,etha,eteck,pmr just get this you won't go wrong

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Good enough. June 13, 2013
Reviewer: Nikita Poselyanov from Tolyatti, Samarskaya oblast Russia  
Well, that gun is not really bad. I mean - i had a lot of issues when i first time bought it.
1. Terrible grease, which means you should up your dwell to 11 or 12.
2. Bolt stick leap on 1st and 2nd ball, you may up this setting but keep in your mind it make the gun spend the air a lot. (or change your setting dwell and change all bolt o-rings).
3. Board problems - from the box if you play in millenum mode and set ROF mode to 6 it wont shoots 10.5. Seriously how come? (i did reboot the board change the cell but it wont) it make 6 but not 10 bps.

1. Nice efficiency
2. Accuracy is good, enough with barrel from stock. (if you want to fix dat buy Shift barrel kit or what you want)
3. Weight little bit heavy but you will get used to it.
4. Well battery consumption.
5. Nice and solid body.
6. It's quiet
7. Veeery smooth trigger + big cool guard.
8. Nice clamping feedneck.

If you start playing sport paintball - i say YES this is nice gun, worth it.

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AWESOME MARKER March 18, 2013
Reviewer: max faublas from cali, colombia, south america  
I got this marker and out of the box it had bolt stick and inconsistency issues, I changed the bolt bumper oring, the bolt switch orings, the valve oring and the piston oring, I had to change the lube too because the militia did not get a wet texture. Changing these things let me tell you that this baby was shooting very consistent, quiet and accurate. A freind of mine was using my marker a nd I was outside the field and the sound signature of the marker was soooooo fine, it was the quietest on the field, and everyone was shooting egos, geos, rippers and g6r. If you wanna get this marker just do it, you can not go wrong with it!

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Decent marker December 31, 2012
Reviewer: Gil from Brooklyn ny  
marker is well built and good looking. When I took the drivetrain out there was alot of lube on it. I decided to chrono it and it was shooting at 256 fps. I cleaned off the excess lube and put sleek Dow 33 on the drivetrain. I put enough to make the o rings wet as suggested. I proceeded to shoot it again and I was getting bolt stick and excessive fsdo.. I was upset at first because this never happened to my geo 3. I decided to clean off the drive train again and use pooty magical lube.. I chrono again and the drone was shooting on and average of 296 fps. This gun is lube sensitive. Also when I opened the case it was missing the barrel sock.I called ansgear and they told me that half the drones were missing barrel sock and they will ship me one. This was 3 weeks ago and it is still not here.. Luckily have have barrel socks.. Overall a decent marker for $429.00 I would recommend getting a better trigger though. Too much side to side play and very noisy. Hope this review helped

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LOVING IT December 30, 2012
Reviewer: Rob from Nj  
My friend owns one it smooth and quiet and tough if u droped it no big deal its fine nothing brakes never seen a brake yet its uniqe because it has a filter to clean air and led eyes with a 2 piece barrell WTF most gun dont come that boss out off the box i has a mac smack so many modes nice stock feed neck air effiecent a good tool kit but when u get the gun take the bolt out and lube till it looks wet also dont run in the cold it dont shoot overall the guns amazing

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Great December 22, 2012
Reviewer: bob from chicago  
This gun is amazing.It is really quiet and is really smooth.And,it's only $480.Probably the best gun for less than $750 out there.

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Amazing you will love it July 13, 2012
Reviewer: Calum Hughes from Ambler, PA United States  
This gun is amazing, by far the best way to spend 500 bucks, no ave no etha. this gun can compare to $1000 guns it is so smooth out of box you wont even notice barrel rise and when its broken in it will be just amazing , so smooth

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