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AMAZING GET IT NOW!!!! August 29, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
I love the gun, in the past 6 months I've had it not one paintball has broken in barrel.
Plus, I have 6 year of paintball experience and I love it.

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You get what you pay for... August 25, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Normalville, PA United States  
Pros: Good board, Derlin bolt, Price efficient.

Cons: Feedneck = garbage, asa = garbage, cup seal = garbage, and fitting a battery into the holder is damn hard.

For what the gun is, its really good if you can work past the extremely obvious flaws. The day I got it, cup seal needed replaced and the feedneck sleeve snapped...1st day, within 20 mins of getting the gun. Just the other day, I cross threaded into the asa so I had to get a new rail, asa (i got a Dye one so its all good), and new bonnet on my tank because the old bonnet and asa are fused together. The board, I really like. In terms of comparison, it trades blows with my PMR 2011. I got a redz clamping feedneck and it fixed that problem. Like I said, if you're willing to work past the problems, it is a really efficient gun, but if you're looking to get something better under 300$, I'd go for a PMR

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its a alright gun good for new people like me but August 25, 2011
Reviewer: johnny snowden from ATLANTA, GA United States  
I just got my azodin blitz and i thought it was a good gun but when i put my tank in it pushed right through the barrel i was pissed then i had to get it fixed im lucky they didnt charge so i got it fixed play in a city game and it starts to chop paintand then another leak came from the reg all i have to say is i wasted half of my paintball day with this crap thats not cool plus im new and just got the gun for xmas so people who want this gun when u get it you will have lots of problems but overall it shoots good u will need a electric hopper and a better reg and a better barrel i chopped 12allstar balls on first day with this gun.

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Awesome gun June 11, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Tamarac, FL United States  
It's a great gun over all i gave it a 4 because the company messed up a wire so I took it to my field they fixed it and it turned out great

When I tried playin with my new halo hopper it shot amazing like an ego but louder

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2011 Azodin Blitz June 1, 2011
Reviewer: Jake Lemorande from Abrams, WI United States  
I played with the gun a few times and the bolt was hitting the metal of the frame when it went forward, the gun wouldn't go over 276fps. This gun chopped a lot while I was using it. I guess it is an ok gun if you are getting your first gun and dont care if it chops and you dont mind shooting under 280fps. Recently i bought a Dangerous power E1 with a vlocity. If you get the A.P.E board for it you get 10 modes. So just save your money and get the DP E1 with the A.P.E board.

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Great gun May 19, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
If I were you, I would stop by your local paint shop and get it. Mine has unlimited warrenty, and made sure the gun was working right at the begining. This gun is great no recoil, and amazing trigger. A million times better than a spyder.

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Great gun!! April 20, 2011
Reviewer: Colbey from UT United States  
Got this gun about 3 weeks ago. Very first time i use it, it leaks air out of the reg. Turns out it was an o ring inside the bottom of the reg. It had like a little safety thing blocking me from unscrewing. So i took it to my local field and had their gun tech take a look at it he said he didnt know what it was but he got it out of there he fixed the o ring now my gun is working magically. I was really frustrated saying to it as this is my first gun.

Other then that problem this gun is an amazing beginner gun. I'd recommend it to all of my friends.

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Excellent Gun April 5, 2011
Reviewer: Jeffrey Perry from Toledo, OH United States  
Purchased the gun last week, played with it Saturday. It shoots smooth, less noise/vibration than I expected from watching videos of the gun firing. For those that dislike the brightness of the color, it is much darker than it appears in pictures and is actually pretty cool. I like the weight of the gun and the way it fits my natural grip.


After having the gun for several months and playing with it about 5 more times, I can still say that I love it. I take good care of it, keep it clean.

I did replace the feedneck with a clamp. I may add an on/off ASA soon, but I really don't feel its too necessary. I love the trigger. All in all, a great gun for new players or players on a budget like me.

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dont buy unless u want a couple mins of fun. March 17, 2011
Reviewer: Nathan  
i bought this for fun and its a waste of money it leaks air like wind u have to clean way 2 often u have to change all the o rings rite when u get the gun buy a new reg. and i still have probs ive changed everything had a pro work on it im about 2 throw it away its juss a waste DONT GET IT

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Don't Waste Your Money March 17, 2011
Reviewer: Sam L from CA, United States  
Let's start with the feedneck. This thing can't hold on to anything. The more you twist it, the tighter it gets, but it forces the loader UP and out of the feedneck.

The barrel: not bad, not great. I recommend an upgrade as this thing shoots curveballs all day.

ASA: Absolutely terrible. I can't tell you the number of O-Rings I've blown on my tank from unscrewing it from this monstrosity.

Bolt: Loud as hell. This gun is basically a mechanical marker with a board. No better than a tippmann.

Eyes: Seeing as how much I chop paint with this (about 1-2 balls EVERY GAME) it's like the gun's eyes don't even exist... or they just don't work.

Trigger: I would rather glue a pencil to my grip frame and use that instead.

I despise this gun. I would never recommend it to anyone. My little brother has actually broken down in tears getting frustrated with all the problems it has.

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