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caddy January 28, 2008
Reviewer: Brandon Howell from Monroe, NC United States  
this is a must for all paintballers. I hate when just before a game starts i realize i need to fill my hopper and pods. Then i try to rush and pour them in quickly and end up losing 20-30 balls. With this paintball caddy it will make pouring in your paintballs much much easier even in crunch time. At the end of the day instead of carrying your extra bags of balls home just get one or two of these to store your balls in. This is a great "upgrade" to your paintball equipment. definately a 5

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good times January 15, 2008
Reviewer: darren boe from santa barbara, CA United States  
I bought this as soon as I saw it.  I was more then tired of dropping paint all over the place when loading my pods and was estatic when I saw this unit.  

You can drop in about half a case of paint and your pods will fit right over the small opening of this unit and allow you to just pour fill the pods without dropping paint everywhere.  It will pay for itself in a couple of days without dropping paint.

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Amazing loader January 10, 2008
Reviewer: Jorge M. Zamudio Garcia  
I LOVE THIS LOADERS!! i really do, i usually bring 2 to the field to help me and my team manage all of our paintballs, they are cheap, and very very reliable, one thing i did to keep the lids from losing it's just drilled a hole on the lid and on the loader and passed a cord trough them, that way you wont be able to lose it that easily.
I'm mentioning this because usually the small lid gets lost because everyone uses this, and they just dont put the lids back on.
Get this loaders from ANSgear! they have the BEST PRICES, and the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE in the whole web!!

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