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Love em! March 3, 2011
Reviewer: nicholas campbell from navarre, FL United States  
Bought these at my local field 6 for $25 and there well worth it! I sometimes carry two in my pockets and I have never had one spill! There actually kinda hard to pop open on purpose, Worth every penny!

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Just Love Them December 29, 2010
Reviewer: Chris Conger from Garfield Heights, OH United States  
I purchased these along with Dye's 09 Attack pack pro 4+5.

Anyway because of their larger design, they fit very snug in my pack, because of this when I release the velcro strap, it kind of springs out the pod for me, making it very easy to grab and pull out.

Also, found these are great with the Dye Rotor, as when I normally reload (as if I subconsciously count) I always get the full pod in, without any dropped balls. So you just have to know how you shoot and your normal reloading time/feeling and this is a great setup.

Lastly, these really serve their purpose when you have the larger Dye Rotor shell on your hopper.

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ll August 12, 2010
Reviewer: David Rodgers from Houston, TX United States  
love em, never had a issue with the button cause when i puul the strap my hand is allready on the pod and i just slide my whole hand down and i hit the button every time

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Best Pod On The Market July 22, 2010
Reviewer: Anthony Tharayil from Ho Ho Kus, NJ United States  
Title sums it up; These pods hold just the right amount of paint for my Pinokio and Rotor. They're durable, reliable, and easy to open (when you need them, that is ... I've never had one open in my pack accidentally)

Yes, if you're really rough on your equipment, you risk breaking the open tab, rendering the pod also have a better chance of breaking the lid/hinge on a normal pod =D

Also, if you drop these on the field, consider them GONE! They get stolen more often than anything else (IE learn to fill your loader and put the pod back in your pack. they're large enough to not slip out of the NXe packs w/o being strapped in)

Overall, I'd recommend these to anyone who has a higher capacity loader (rotor, pinokio, prophecy.... halo and invert halo2 get REALLY full even when you fill from empty)

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Love these things, for expierenced players only July 3, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Orland, CA United States  
Well as for the people who state, oh you cant find the button and this and that, that's all monkey poo. most standard pods have one tab to open the lid, which is smaller than the button on the LLPs. if your smart, you would load them into your pack knowing how you grab your pods, with the button facing towards your thumb with your natural act of grabbing a pod on the go. now. people complain about them having to reload at a super low loader amount, um, last i checked, thats the point! use up all your paint, instead of wasting time to reload when you have half a laoder left, that could be the difference of winning a game and not. I love these things, they are great, easy to use, durable, and fit well in most broken in packs.

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dislike May 2, 2010
Reviewer: Daniel Varona from Boca Raton, FL United States  
I personally don't like these. I find them to be too big, and i lose paint when i reload since my hopper only holds 180 paintballs i practically have to reload when my hopper is all the way empty. These have opened on me MANY times, i don't know if its just me. I personally think that its better to stick with the standard ones, but that's just my opinion

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Better Price for 6 at Sports Chalet January 19, 2010
Reviewer: Brandon from Las Vegas, NV United States  
Try to price match this becuase at sportschalet they have 6 lock lids for 25 bucks that a much better deal than 30 so yeah buy from ans but price match so you can save 5 bucks!!!!!

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Good pods, but be careful with how you reload! August 5, 2009
Reviewer: Kent Benjamin from Fairfield , PA United States  
I have found that the Dye Locklid pods are awesome pods. Great pods, awesome durability. Like any paintball pod, your going to need to be careful taking it out, to reload. You sometime will pull the pod out and the lid will open, and you lose a pod of paint. The Dye locklids use a button you push down to open it, very handy, but again, like any pod, be careful on how you take it out.

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Definetly worth the extra $2 February 21, 2009
Reviewer:   from ,  Colorado  
These pods are perfect, and it's a wonder that it took so long for something like this to be developed. I have been using lock-lids for several years now, and I have never once accidentally dumped one. The dimpled texture running along the sides help you keep a good grip on them, and also slow the pod as it drops out of the harness. The only problem I've heard about them (and I have nothing wrong with this), is that the lock-lids are a bit bigger than most pods. I see this as a plus, as you get an extra twenty or so shots, but some say that it can cause problems depending on what size pods your pack can handle. Overall, I think these pods are great, and strongly suggest anyone that asks to get them.

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Expensive but still very good February 11, 2009
Reviewer: David Garcia from Milpitas, CA United States  
First off, these pods are big so they won't fit in your standard pod pack. They hold about 160 paintballs compared to standard pods which hold about 120 paintballs. Also, these pods are expensive so if you leave them at the field, it's going to cost you to replace them. On the other hand, the easy opening tab makes loading a breeze and prevents your pods from accidentally opening. The pod also has small round indentations which give you extra grip on your pod. Overall, these are good pods but a bit pricey.

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