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Great January 16, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Norwood , OH United States  
confortable no recoil best for woodsball i think make my 98 look sick

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Buy this, not the tippmann one... December 5, 2010
Reviewer: Matt Valenti from NY United States  
This is literally the same exact stock as the tippmann collapsible CAR stock, except $40 less. If you like the CAR stock, buy it.

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Good inexpensive stock! October 29, 2010
Reviewer: Adam H. from Pennsylvania USA  
Alright here we go, first off, its a regular old stock, which fits on any old tippmann 98 custom (Mine has a serial of 25k and it fit) with a little work. Now both of the negitive posters are right, but they make it sound like its SOOOO much work, where its not. Ok The hole for the spring, I had no problems with, it slipped right in viola done. NOW for the part that slips in where the cap goes.....on mine it had a little black notch. That has to go or your gun will not seal right. How to fix it is, use a hobby knife whittle it out, Dremel it out or sand it out. Just get rid of the little black notch, and make it look like your buttcap, and it'll work just fine. I rated it 4 stars, because, its a good stock, it works, its REALLY nicely priced, even if it does need some little work. Come on guys, why gripe, THIS IS PAINTBALL WE ARE MEN (maybe Women too) WE USE POWER TOOLS pick'em up and mod the stock a bit! I love it and cant wait to use it in the field.

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Good product! just needs little adjusting. October 28, 2010
Reviewer: David Tang from Coquitlam, BC Canada  
Props to the guy that gave 5 stars. Those other guys are noobs.

Does it fit? no it requires some sanding/adjusting to fit in. I used files, my friend just jammed and twisted till it fit. Once it fits, its a GREAT product. Composite plastic is strong and sturdy, not the type that would just go and crack.

Bottomline: Get it if you need a cheap stock, just be prepared to spend some time to make it fit.

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Great Stock June 7, 2010
Reviewer: Ian Levings from Moreno Valley, CA United States  
This is an awsome stock. I also found that it didn't fit my 98 custom. The reason being that there is a little extra piece of plastic on-top connecting the 2 rings to keep it straight. A razor blade got the job done, just cut it out. Then i found it was still a bit too fat. I then sanded it several times to make it just a bit smaller/smoother, but not to much. Then with a C-clamp sqeezed the halfs together till I could tighten the screws to finish the job. I played with it over the weekend and was very pleased with the product. A remote line will be in the cart soon...

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