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Sly Profit January 1, 2012
Reviewer: Nick from NJ United States  
This is a great mask, looks great, lightweight, and very comfortable.  You can hear your team on the field pretty well its not that bad.  overall this is a great mask. It fits well and I have a pretty big head and face and fits me great.  Could use a visor to protect your forehead, but not a big deal.

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Profit=Good Mask June 16, 2011
Reviewer: Skyler from Springfield, MO United States  
This mask beat the heck out of any other mask I've ever owned. One of my friends has a pair of I4's and they're OK, but they don't cover your face as much. Great padding, they've never fogged up on me, and they stay on your face no matter what. Whoever thought up the two straps thing is a genius!

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mask April 30, 2011
Reviewer: Matt from Sturgis, MS United States  
well it looks cool.the mask does not cover ur forehead well at sure and get a headband if u don't already have doesn't cover ur neck at all.u can move very easily but have no neck protection.has very thick ear padding which is good-will keep those ears from stinging.nose padding is kinda thick as well.kinda restricting on ur nose but great when getting shot in the head.all in all,mask protects ur eyes and looks cool on.i do like this mask just letting u know the downsides.good mask though.hopes this helps

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not very good April 25, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Fresno, CA United States  
the mask is very comfortable and is not to heavy but it has to much padding around the ears. you wouldnt be able to hear someone if they were standing right next to you.

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This Mask is to me the best. March 6, 2011
Reviewer: Kevin Knight from Hampton, VA United States  
this mask breaths fine.  Ive played when it was in the mid 30's when i first got the mask and no breathing problems and no fogging issues.  Ive played this past weekend where it was low 90s and again no fogging problems.  so as far as im concerned this mask doesnt have any breathing issues or fogging issues.  when i was looking at higher end masks it came down to the sky profit and the dye I4.  i went to my local paint ball store and tried them on. The dye I4 mask didn't cover my chin as well because it is shorter lengthwise than the sly profit and its more expensive. Thats the main reason i bought the sly profit.  i love it no complaints from me.  I think you will be more than happy if you buy this mask

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this is the best mask evar!!! January 27, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
the guy below me is a tard, unless he's a real bad mouth-breather and needs a mask that is designed for neanderthals.
i've only had my profit fog up on me once due to the fact it was 32f outside and i had sweat steaming off of my head. and you don't have to cut the chin straps, just pull the pins out.

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