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TOURNY LOCK July 18, 2013
Reviewer: brenten pierson from highland michigan  
when you get your marker there might be a tournament lock that only allows you to shoot semi. heres how to get it off: plug in the battery while holding down the trigger. after doing that you should be able to turn it on and toggle through the firing modes. there, I saved you a call with the ans tech department :)

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smart parts sp1 help! July 8, 2013
Reviewer: Kobe Burgs from Knoxville Iowa  
out of the box mine came with a huge leak and also every time I screw in the tank (co2) it makes a loud trumpet noise if no one can help I'm most likely going to look for a replacement. please help

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Backup Marker June 4, 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Alexandria, AL United States  
Well initially I was only going to use this as a backup marker, but after throwing the Trinity Car Stock, Stiffi JoyStick 12' barrel, and my remote line I realized this gun is wayyyy more fun to shoot people with than my Dangerous Power G4, IMO. Throwing a Virtue Board and Apex on it for the finishing touches later in the year, and no, it dosen't shoot first strike rounds mate.

Additional Info: The guns dwell is set for c02 out of the  box, if you want to change it, take out the battery, hold the power button, then hook the battery back up,  if it blinks once its in c02 mode, tap the battery back up again and it should blink twice, your in HPA mode now. Simple.

If your gun is firing only in semi, your gun has its tournament lock on, repeat the same process above except pull the trigger and connect the battery, blinks once your in tournament lock, blinks twice, you should be in select-fire

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QUESTION January 29, 2013
Reviewer: Alex from yonkers,Newyork  
I got the marker and believe me this marker is good for 130$. The marker is good with a proto primo loader and a 35/3000 hpa tank. But does anyone know the thread of the barrel?

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good January 26, 2013
Reviewer: zach fitch from phoenix arizona  
great gun this is probably better then the delta elite if you put a apex on it

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Excellent Gun at $130 dollars August 30, 2012
Reviewer: Brian T. from Staten Island, NY United States  
These Sp1's are essentially what I believe are left over parts from the Smart Parts days, but since they're out of business, they can't actually sell anything with the SP labels on it as GOG products.

The trigger and gripframe is nice and smooth. Trigger has one point of adjustment for pre-travel, even though the book says it has two. It feels a lot more solid than the Tm7 trigger even though the TM7 has more adjustment points.

Shooting: Pretty consistent, I was getting -+ 2-3 bps, but thats mainly attributed to field paint that day also.

Cons: The power button is a bit sunk in and hard to press. Solution: pop the back plate off and take off the two trigger frame screws. Disconnect battery and slide the trigger frame off slowly slide the frame off. The little plastic button for the power will fall out. Take the button and add something to thicken the back of it, I just used three layers of scotch tape. Trim the edges and put button back in. Instant raised button!

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