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Awsome March 25, 2011
Reviewer: cory brossard from new baltimore, MI United States  
Love it! the gun flows very nice they really took there time and designed it well. I only use the 7-ball tru-feed works great no issues.

the gun stands out in close quater combat. this was made to get up close and personal and leave a mark, not so great cross feild firing.

Eats CO2 pretty quick its snows a lot but still not enough to ruin the ratings nothing they can really do about that.

last thing if you buy this I strongly suggest a holster I use a rap4 drop leg work great single retention strap holds nice and comes out quick to me its the best way because just sitting this in your pocket or belt wont cut it

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After a year of testing... February 7, 2011
Reviewer: Justin Carbone from Littleton, CO United States  
Front mounted CO2
Mags- compact easy reloading
AWESOME for ambushing

Made of plastic
Grip is too vertical- til you get used to pulling your wrist back, it fires pretty low
Comes apart like a damn pop-up-book, most frustrating reassembly ever
The guide spring scratches up the bolt like mad
Maybe it's the cold colorado air, but I had numerous problems with the CO2 line
Pull-n-puncture CO2 (just a personal qualm) sometimes I forget to punture before starting a game, then wind up with a clear shot at someone, only to pull the trigger and not fire.  Waste of a good opportunity, but nothing too serious I suppose
Spring-fed mags crush paint if you're not careful, even Marbalizer paint has smashed in the chamber

It's a really cool sidearm, I've successfully played through many games with it as a primary, but it's too shotty for me to be proud of.  I love its practicality, and I'll continue to raid the field with it, but it's no 5star weapon

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Nice pistol. Not exactly what I thought. November 12, 2009
Reviewer: Adam Armstrong from Austin, TX United States  
Let me start off by saying that I like the feel of the pistol, and I think that it looks cool. It operates well, and I have not chopped any paint after a good 200 rounds, even though I was using crap Wal Mart paint.

That said, I fell a bit too much into the hype. It is not nearly as accurate as I had heard. Now, this might have been the paint, but my Proto SLG was shooting the same stuff, and was pretty much dead on. This is not to say that it is wildly inaccurate, but not as dead on as I have heard from others. At 50 feet, it was about 50/50 on hitting a target about 10 inches wide.

I felt that it ate CO2 pretty badly. With my friend's Tac8, he was getting about 30-35 shots, while this TPX gets around three clips (24 balls) max, usually with the last shot or two with low pressure.

All and all, it is a pistol and a side arm. not a primary marker. I would still recommend it, but don't fall for the people that will say that it gets 40 shots per CO2, and is deadly accurate.

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WHAT!?!?! o.0 August 17, 2009
Reviewer: mark nanakdewa from cambridge, ON Canada  
my friend just bought this and let me try it out and it is amazing!!!! but one thing i found odd was it says it is a 8ball magazine but i was puting balls in it for my friend and i put 9 in it and it fit! o.0 and yes i was using .68 cal paintballs

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Great pistol May 24, 2009
Reviewer: Andy from Elmer, NJ  
This is a great pistol, it's so much lighter than the Tiberius pistol and shoots a lot better than it.  The clips are spring loaded so they come out easy, and since theres no co2 in the clip theyre a lot cheaper than Tiberius clips.  The co2 goes in easily under the barrel, and the best part is that it doesn't puncture until you take your first shot, which is awesome.  It's pretty accurate for being a pistol, so this is something I definitely recommend.

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