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Is a must have November 12, 2009
Reviewer: demonicangel from Vallejo, CA United States  
This is a WICKED mask..ever since i owned it, never got shot in the face, compared to my JT Elite. Wide vision its nice and snugg and i wear glasses so it fits like a glove..never fogs up.. 10/10 for this mask...

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V-Force Grillz February 14, 2009
Reviewer: Mike M. from Cherry Hill, NJ United States  
I purchased the V-Force Grillz a few months after its release. I was initially inclined to go with the tried and true JT Proflex, but after trying on the Grillz, I was sold.

After well over a year of use, I see no reason to purchase a different mask. The Grillz hold up very well in all conditions and are incredibly easy to maintain due to every part being replaceable. I've used the mask in 100*+ and below freezing weather, and everything in between. Never have I had a problem with fogging, except in extreme humidity.

To highlight a few key features of the Grillz:

-Quick-change lens, with very wide peripheral view
-Quick-change foam (Very convenient during those summer days)
-Small profile (using the visor offers a little more forehead protection)
-Soft rubber, so you will get a lot of bounces
-Very comfortable

So if you're looking for a new mask and not sure where to look, definitely check out the Grillz. Of the masks currently made, they're easily among the best.

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grills January 29, 2008
Reviewer: coleby Moellman from Otsego, MN United States  
These grills are by far the best goggles that I have ever owned!!! They look way different in real life than in these pictures, way nicer. other than flexs, they are the most comfortable mask ever!! Its worth the 90 dollars for these goggles!!

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! January 24, 2008
Reviewer: Nathan  Bohm from Austin, TX United States  
I love this mask it is UBBER! comfortable. I wore it for 12 hours out of the box and it was really comfortable. I have the tinted lenses they are worth their weight in gold!! These goggles are really nice and flexible. They allow your face to be protected but still flexible enough to bounce balls. Great FOV(Field of Vision) like 195 degrees.

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Sweetest Ever January 12, 2008
Reviewer: Tyler Thoms from Keene, CA United States  
These goggles are sick. I bought like four extras for my  whole team to use, they never fog and wiping paint from them is really easy. Most other goggle sytems fog and its all blurry when you get hit in the face and these dont do that. Buy these for sure if not these then get dye C7

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Grillz January 10, 2008
Reviewer: Jake Zimmerman from Mechanicsburg, PA United States  
Ok, I think they look kinda funny and are a bit large. They are made of nice material and are durable, they lenses are really strong. They have a huge variety of colors. These are a great goggle for the price. The lenses don't fog either. Did you know the lenses are bullet proof!
I didn't until i saw someone try it on pbnation.

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