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better than i3 February 5, 2009
Reviewer: gildy from Howell, MI United States  
crystal clear, worth every penny and lowest profile that i have ever worn, make profilers look like extreme rage mask,  has a very cofortable elastic band which does not slip at all.  good tinted mask for those bright days and i would really recommend this to anyone at any level

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INTENSE MASK February 4, 2009
Reviewer: josh ibarra from milford, NH United States  
The mask is super light. I barely felt it in my hands. Definitely forget about it during actually play. It's lighter than both my Grillz and E-Vents

The profile is so small. That's good for some, and bad for others. It works okay for my wife, but my head is too big lol. Most of my next is exposed, as well, as a lot of my chin. Some of my ear sticks out too.
The low forehead doesn't bother me, since the Grillz is the same way. Wife, however, is a little afraid of how much is exposed on my mask so this will bother her.

Lens Change
Very fast... slightly different than I'm use too, but I like it.

You can see everything. If you have tried any Vents/Empire or Profiler, it's somewhat like that. You should have no problem seeing.

No visor included as with other Invisions. There are some unused holes at top where I can see them adding options.


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Awsome mask February 3, 2009
Reviewer: Tommy Stouffer from Mechanicsburg, PA United States  
I have the empire events along with the dye I3 and these beat all of them. They have a great field of view and are very comfy. They cover all of my face and side of my neck under my jaw so i feel a bit safer. There are a lot of upgrades such as thermal lenses and a fan you can put inside to prevent fogging even more. Really nice mask. Well worth the money.

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sick February 3, 2009
Reviewer: David Ayoub from Manlius, NY United States  
i bought this mask at release and it is super light and is great for a front man who will be diveing into the snake because its so tight againts your face. also its like grills in the way that you can paint the lens frames. i looks sick to paint clashing pinstripes or something like that. i have bought multiple pairs because everyone wants them to start with but i resell them brand new custom painted for 175 per mask.

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Beast mask February 2, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Scottsdale, AZ United States  
i recently bought this mask and found it to be the best mask i have ever owned.  Its super light has soft ears which everyone likes and helps keep paint out.  the lens are amazing and can be switched out to put different ones in. also i personally think the designs of the mask is really cool it looks like a birds beak. Buy this mask and you wont regret it and for only a hundred it's the bomb.

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Nice Mask February 2, 2009
Reviewer: Abe  Salazar from goldthwaite, TX United States  
This mask lets you breath easier than any other mask I have ever played with. Trust me when i say this is a small mask. I personally prefer smaller masks, but if your a big guy I wouldn't recomend this mask for you. One plus this mask has to offer is that you can basically take it apart between matches or just simply clean it out in a matter of seconds. Takeing it apart is so simple anyone can figure it out. I rate this mask 5 out of 5. Good job Dye.

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Dye I4 February 2, 2009
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
This is a Great mask, it sits close to your face to improve breath ability.  It should almost never fog up.  It is a lot smaller than most mask, and will not cover a large facial area.  I ultimately had to sell mine due to being hit in the jaw due to the poor coverage on my large face.  However, someone who has an average size face or smaller face will enjoy this mask and the coverage it gives.  It also is one of the lightest mask.  I would give this mask a perfect 5 if it fit my head, but it justifys the high price tag even though it won't fit everyone.  This is a great mask for everyone, 4/5.

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