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Smart Parts Freak barrel kits are some of the best barrels on the market. The patented design of the Freak barrel allows you to pick the barrel back that is compatible with your paintball gun, the Freak barrel front of your choice and your desired inserts. The main idea of the Smart Parts Freak barrel is to purchase multiple inserts with your kit so you can choose the best insert for the paintballs you are shooting that day. When you have a good paint to barrel match, your gun will have better consistency as well as accuracy.

If you want to go all out, you can purchase the complete freak kit which includes all 8 of the different inserts as well as the deluxe carrying case. The complete Smart Parts Freak barrel kit will never leave you high and dry on the paintball field because you will always have paintballs that fit perfectly in your barrel. Use what the pros use and get your Freak barrel kit today.
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