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The Tippmann Carver One paintball gun is the newest in their Army Alpha series of guns. The Tippmann Carver One is currently available in three different versions all with very low price tags. If you are just starting out or need a reliable and inexpensive backup gun, check out the Tippmann Carver One paintball gun today.
Tippmann Carver One Basic Paintball Gun

The first of the new Army series guns is the Tippmann Carver One Basic paintball gun. The Carver One basic is built to give you a great realistic military feel without breaking the bank. The Tippmann Carver one has a fully aluminum body, steel braided hose and a hard powder coating finish that does not wear.

The Tippmann Carver One paintball gun comes stock with a good quality quick thread barrel so you can get some pretty good accuracy out of the box. You will also see that the Tippmann Carver One has four picatinny rails so you can customize it with all your favorite accessories.

Last but not least, the Tippmann Carver One paintball gun has a built in foregrip so you can comfortably hold the gun as well as sling mounts if want to take all of the weight off the gun.

Tippmann Carver One Power Pack

The Power Pack includes the Tippmann Carver One paintball gun, 200 round standard loader, anti fog paintball mask and 9 ounce co2 tank. This is everything you need to get you started on the field. The Tippmann Carver One paintball gun included has the same features as the Carver One basic stated above.

Tippmann Carver One E-Grip Paintball Gun

The Tippmann Carver One Paintball gun is also available in an E-Grip version. The gun comes with three electronic modes which include semi, 3 round burst and fully auto. The E-grip is the only difference between this version and the Tippmann Carver One paintball gun basic.

Overall, the Tippmann Carver One paintball gun series will provide you a great quality marker at an unbeatable price.

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