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Tippmann TPX Trufeed Paintball Pistol - Desert Tan

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Description Technical Specs
The new Tippmann TPX Trufeed paintball gun is IN STOCK AND SHIPPING!!!

The new TPX™ .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol is an exciting new compact design that will be dependable, lightweight, easy to maintain and affordable. The new Tippmann TPX Pistol comes with 2 magazine clips, a barrel blocking device, a maintenance kit, and a deluxe carrying case.

The Tippmann Pistol has a barrel that is easy to remove.  The Tippmann Pistol uses a standard Tippmann A5 or Tippmann X7 Threaded barrel.  If you were to upgrade the barrel on your pistol, you would have a light weight and compact paintball gun with Great accuracy.

The Tippmann Paintball Pistol uses a Ό Turn CO2 Cap.  This means is is a very coarse thread and the 12 Gram CO2  cartridge is easily punctured.  This is a great feature of the pistol because it will be very easy for you to change out the CO2 in game play or with your paintball gloves on.

The Tippmann Paintball Pistol houses the 12 gram CO2 cartridge just under the barrel.  This makes the hand grip of the pistol feel more like a regular handgun.  Most pistols store the CO2 cartridge in the magazine or in the Grip Frame making it very wide and uncomfortable.  By Tippmann not including the CO2 cartridge in the Magazine of their Paintball Pistol, it has allowed them to sell spare Magazines at a fraction of the cost of the other similar paintball pistols.

The Tippmann Pistol comes stock with Picatinny Rails.  This will allow you to install some cool and useful accessories on the gun.  You can Install a flashlight or laser on the front of the gun with ease.

The Tippmann Paintball pistol comes stock with a Metal Trigger.  The trigger on the Tippmann pistol is very durable and will puncture the 12 gram CO2 cartridge with the first trigger pull.  Plastic is for kids...  Thats why Tippmann gives you the BEST with their paintball pistol.  

The Tippmann TPX Pistol has a unique Magazine Feed System.  The quick release system drops the magazine right into your hand with the touch of a button.  This makes it very easy for quick reloading on your paintball pistol.  Also, The magazine on the Tippmann Paintball Pistols does not hold your CO2 Cartridges.  This makes spare Magazines inexpensive and light weight to carry.  

The Tippmann Pistol has covered Ammo Windows - Allows you to see how many balls are in your magazine at a glance.  This is a great feature on the Tippmann paintball pistol because you will always know when to reload.  You never want to be in a fight with your Tippmann Pistol and run out of ammo.

The Tippmann Paintball Pistol Grip is ergonomically designed grip is smaller and textured for a secure feel.  This gives you better grip on your Tippmann Pistol when you are in the heat of battle and running around with sweaty or paint covered hands.  

The Tippmann Paintball Pistol has a Self-Locking 7-Ball Magazine Clip. This spring loaded Tippmann Pistol Mag is a compact clip is easy to carry, load and use.  Make Sure you get some extra mags for your Tippmann Pistol.

The Tippmann Paintball Pistol has a Lanyard Clip that ensures you will never lose your pistol in the heat of battle.  The Tippmann Pistol is compatible with all paintball lanyards currently on the market.

The Tippmann Paintball Pistol has an External Velocity Adjuster.  This allows you to easily adjust your Tippmann Pistol with a standard Alan wrench.  This means it will take you no time to get your gun shooting just how you like it.  The Tippmann Pistol does not use a thumb adjusting vlocity adjuster so it is legal on all fields.  

Your Tippmann Paintball Pistol has the ability To Add A Remote Line.  This is a very easy upgrade for your Tippmann pistol and give you a constant air source.  When using a setup like that, you will be able to fire magazines upon magazines out of your Tippmann Pistol with just one tank fill.  

Overall, The new Tippmann Pistol, Tippmann TPX Pistol, or Tippmann Paintball Pistol is a great paintball gun that gives you everything you need to be successful on the field.

  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - X7 and A-5 compatible threads provide the ability to add after market barrels.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - Ό Turn CO2 Cap – Easy to turn cap makes loading a snap even with gloves on.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - 12 gram CO2 Air System – The under barrel location allows for a smaller grip and lowest cost magazine.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - Picatinny Rails – Built in rails make it easy to add a Tac light or other accessories.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - Metal Trigger – This durable trigger punctures Co2 on first pull, saving your air until you need it.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - Magazine Feed System – The quick release system drops the magazine right into your hand with the touch of a button.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - Covered Ammo Windows – Allows you to see how many balls are in your magazine at a glance.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - Grip – Ergonomically designed grip is smaller and textured for a secure feel.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - Self-Locking 7-Ball Magazine Clip – This spring loaded, compact clip is easy to carry, load and use.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - Lanyard Clip – Ensures you will never lose your pistol in the heat of battle.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - External Velocity Adjuster – Allows for easy adjustment with a standard Alan wrench.
  • Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol - Ability To Add A Remote Line – Allows access to a separate air supply when needed.

Product Accessories
Tippmann TPX Pistol/TCR Universal Parts Kit (T220105) Crosman 12 Gram Co2 Tippmann TiPX Pistol Remote Adapter Kit (T220106) Empire 10 Round Paintball Tube w/ Lid - Single
Our Price: 14.95

Our Price: 0.74

Our Price: 19.95

Our Price: 0.50

Empire 10 Round Tube w/ Lid

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Very Nice April 14, 2013
Reviewer: Robert from Los Angeles  
I have owned this marker since December and it is pretty nice... Only problems:
•Co2 may leak out of back and will need to be fixed at your local shop (seems to happen to lots of TPX owners)
•Sights are useless (I'd recommend drilling holes in them and filling with white paint or buying a Lapco Front Block and slapping on a red dot)
•Stock Barrel will need to be replaced
•12 Gram Co2 cartridge will only go through 2 magazines before needing to be replaced. I'd recommend getting the HPA Adapter (installation is crazy)
•Trigger pull is a bit heavy

(These are only small problems in my opinion and you may not see them as problems or may never experience them)

Everything else (accuracy, weight, upgrade capability, magazine function, feel, look, holster you can buy) is perfect! I'd recommend this over a T8.1 any day, I can't say if it is better than the SA-17 but my guess would be that it is as well. Also, you can buy first strike kits for these things!

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