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CO2 or HPA Tank Thread Saver
Last Updated: 12/22/2009
One of the most common problems that cause any type of paintball tank/regulator to be rendered useless is damage to the tanks bonnet. The bonnet or threading of the paintball tank is what portion of your tank that gets screwed into your gun. You should know that if dropped anywhere near that area, your tank will not be usable and will need to have either the bonnet or regulator replaced.

There is a very easy option to keep you out of this group of people. You just need a tank thread saver to screw onto the bonnet when it is not in use. The tank thread saver or theread protector is very inexpensive (under 3 bucks) and will keep your tank out of harms way when you throw it into your gear bag.

If you really want to keep the investment of your paintball tank in good shape, then invest now in an inexpensive tank thread saver.

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