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Paintball Barrel Lengths
Last Updated: 01/06/2011
If you want to get the right paintball Barrel length then listen up! ANSgear offers paintball barrel lengths starting at 8 inches and max out at about 24 inches.

The most common and best all around paintball barrel length would be about 14 inches. With a 14 inch paintball barrel you will get great accuracy while not having a huge barrel attached to your gun. If you want a bit shorted paintball barrel length (12 inch) you will give up some accuracy for the better maneuverability.

If you want to go with a longer paintball barrel (16 inch) then you will gain a slight bit better accuracy, but will give up some maneuverability.  

Anything under a 12 inch paintball barrel length will drastically reduce your accuracy while anything over a 16 inch paintball barrel length will minimally increase your accuracy.  

You will want to choose the best barrel length that gives you the maneuverability you want while still achieving great accuracy. recommends a 14 Inch Paintball barrel for the best overall use and performance.

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