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Sniper Paintball Barrel
Last Updated: 01/06/2011
The ANSgear Paintball Sniper Barrel info will help you make a decision on what paintball barrel to purchase. When someone is looking for a Paintball sniper barrel it is assumed they want the most accurate and long range barrel on the market.  A sniper paintball barrel is expected to produce ball on ball accuracy and stealthy take out opponents. Unfortunately there are no options for the combination of a long distance and highly accurate barrel in paintball.

In most cases you will need to pick from a more accurate sniper paintball barrel or a longer distance sniper barrel.

Most Accurate Sniper Paintball Barrel: If you want to have the most accurate sniper barrel then you will want to check out our selection of 2 piece barrels and barrel kits that are between 16 and 18 inches. A paintball sniper barrel is most accurate when you have a good paint to barrel match and the right length barrel front. A paint to barrel match is when your paintball fits perfectly in the back portion of your barrel (not to tight or loose).

It is important that you have a two piece design so the back portion of the barrel tightly seals with the ball and you a consistent amount of pressure exerted on each paintball. The front portion of the two piece barrel is a larger diameter and includes porting so that all of the air is dispersed from behind the ball before the ball leaves the end of the barrel. If there is still air pressure behind the ball as it exits the barrel, the ball has no barrel walls guiding it and can be pushed in any direction.

Long Distance Sniper Paintball Barrel: If you want to go the route of having unmatched distance with your gun then this is for you. The sniper paintball barrel you are looking for includes the Empire Apex 2 (available for most paintball guns) or the Tippmann Flatline Barrel (only available for Tippmann Brand Markers). Both of these barrels utilize back spin on the ball that will give your paintball gun an increase in distance from 30-60 feet.

The Empire Apex 2 and Tippmann Flatline are not as accurate as the two piece paintball sniper barrrels above as they put a spin on the ball. Paintballs tend to be spherical but with their seams and sometimes imperfections, they are not as accurate as a barrel that does not put a spin on the paintball.

Good lucking finding the right Sniper Paintball barrel to fit your game and style of play.

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