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4500 Paintball Tanks
A 4500 PSI tank is referring the pressure that a compressed paintball air tank can hold. When someone uses the term PSI, they are referring to Pounds per Square Inch. The higher the pressure, the more
Are the DM14/15 grips compatible with M2/MOS Air
The DM14/15 grips are not compatible with the M2/MOS Air markers. The front grip covers are larger at the top than the M2 Version: DM14/15 Front Grip M2 Front Grip The Frame Grips are similar in overa
Are the M2 grips compatible with any other DM Series Marker?
No, the M2/MOS Air grips (front grip and frame grip) are not compatible with any other DYE DM series marker or any marker outside of the DYE family
Available barrels for a Spyder Hammer 7
The Spyder Hammer 7 paintball marker uses the standard Spyder style thread for its barrels. The only difference is that the barrel threads into an adapter that is then mounted to the gun. This gives t
Azodin barrel threads
Azodin uses an Autococker style thread on all of their paintball markers. It is the most common style barrel thread in the industry so you should have no problem finding many options for upgrades or r
Barrel adapaters. Which one do I need for my gun?
There may come a time when you upgrade to a new paintball marker and are lost on what barrel to use. You have a barrel that you loved for your old marker, but the barrel threads wont fit on your new m
Bolt compatibility for a Kingman Spyder Sport
If you wanted to replace the bolt in your Kingman Spyder Sport, these would be the ones to pick up: Shocktech Spyder Fenix Super Fly Bolt , PI Spyder Delrin Bolt , ANS Spyder Electra DX Bolt , and the
BT Rip Clip compatability
The Empire BT Rip Clip is compatible with all the BT-4 style markers . This includes the Omega, Combat, ERC, Delta, Delta Elite, Slice G36 and Slice G36 Elite. The Rip Clip also comes with adapters to
Can I use my A5 Flatline barrel with a Freak Kit?
There is no real or good reason that you would want to use a Freak Barrel Kit with a Flatline barrel even if it was possible to put the two systems together. There is no way to attach the Flatline bar
Can I use my paintball marker/equipment in the rain?
You should not run into a problem if you were to use your gear in the rain or average bad weather. Most manufacturers of the electronics in the guns and loaders use a clear coating on their boards and
Can the Tippmann TCR shoot Full Auto
Unfortunately, the Tippmann TCR is a mechanical only gun. The TCR is actually just a glorified version of the TiPX Pistol . It has some accessories added to it to give it a larger more tactical feel a
Can you turn the feed neck of a Spyder MR6 upside down to accommodate a Q Loader
The feed neck of the Kingman Spyder MR6 is designed to fit the contour of the gun very precisely when attached. If you were to flip this feed neck over so that is facing down instead of up, the curvat
Ceramic Paintball Barrel
A ceramic paintball barrel tends to be a misconception within paintball. When someone talks about a ceramic paintball barrel they are referring to an aluminum barrel with a ceramic coating on the insi
CO2 or HPA Tank Thread Saver
One of the most common problems that cause any type of paintball tank/regulator to be rendered useless is damage to the tanks bonnet. The bonnet or threading of the paintball tank is what portion of y
CO2 tank valves
While it is true that most current regulators that you find on todays HPA/compressed air tanks are rebuildable, CO2 tank valves unfortunately are not. CO2 tank valves are not regulators and therefore
Color difference between HDR Magneto and HDR Supernova
The HDR Magneto has a reddish maroon center that transitions outward to an orange and then ends in a gold color by the ears. The HDR Supernova has the same reddish maroon center but transitions to an
Common HPA tank regulator problems and fixes
There are a couple of common tank problems that occur that can easily be fixed at home by the user. One way fitting (were you fill your tank) leaks are very common and only require you to remove the f
Compatibility on a Tippmann Sierra One
There are a couple of guns that Tippmann makes that have different names in the US than outside of the states. They are the Tango One, Bravo One, and the Sierra One. They are identical to the US versi
Correct tank for a Tippmann gun with Cyclone & Response Trigger
If you are running a Tippmann 98 , A5 or X7 (not Phenom) with both the Response Trigger and a Cyclone Feed System , you should be running a HPA tank with a Ninja SHP Regulator or Guerrilla Regulator w
CS1 and CSR compatible triggers
At the time of writing this article, Planet Eclipse has not released alternative triggers for theses platforms. There is no other trigger from a different year Planet gun that would be compatible with
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